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Survey: List of election issues. Please choose your top 5

We need you

The year is almost over, so we look back on the year that was and look forward to hearing from YOU about the issues that could influence YOUR VOTE and that of your friends, in the next federal election.  

The political year of 2018

Several federal  ‘pollies’ fell afoul of Section 44,  the People’s Republic of Victoria was returned for a second term, there were more terror attacks in our cities from ‘the religion of peace’, Queensland experienced major bush fires, apparently due to ‘climate-change’, we had 6 kids left on Nauru who were apparently more important than 68,500 disadvantaged Aussie kids, Mr. T was dumped and replaced with ScoMo, politicians with ‘hurt feelings’ moved to the crying benches, GetUp’s Wentworth person ‘got up’ with just 29% in primary votes, the ghost of a past PM lurked in the shadows, our dropping education outcomes continued to drop, 18,000 people voted multiple times in the last federal election,  and Labor started smelling victory in the Canberra air!

But, on a positive note, the people smugglers and the boats did not recommence despite the bleeding hearts, the Australian economy got back on track and in to the black, this year over 1,000 new jobs were created daily, ASIO stopped several major terror attacks on Australian soil, ScoMo  told the UN to take a hike with their Global Compact, the Education Minister flagged core subjects taught in schools so kids could get a real job, freedom of speech received attention, the plot to weaken immigration policies by an upstart newcomer was thwarted, renewables started to understand they had to share the energy space with coal, gas and hydro…… and maybe nuclear, and we got a PM who has communicated a clear vision for the future!

The year that was for Rite-ON!

Last November 2017, Rite-ON! leapt into action in the Queensland State Election and saved two seats from falling to Labor, then officially registered and launched at Libertyfest in September 2018.  Rite-ON! received some impressive early runs on the board with over 10,000 supporters joining up in just a couple of months.

Our organization was created as a ‘grassroots group ’ with volunteers to run all the administrative tasks, supporters donating to running costs and a Committee dedicated to not being any political party’s stooge!

No big-brother nor any union would watch over us pulling our strings – and that’s the way we like it.

Our approach to politics is edgy, non-conformist, and unconventional, which creates a great way to get voters’ attention.  Most people – especially young voters – don’t get enthusiastic about boring, predictable, party-based, union style politics.  Instead they want something NEW and EXCITING, because Australians have always been larrikins, loyalists and lovers of a fair-go.



Rite On! Is committed to fighting for Australian values so our children can grow up in a free and democratic society.

If you would prefer to donate via a bank transfer, our details are:

BSB: ​064462  Account Number: ​10363519


Share this page with your friends and family today.

Copy the link to IM, Skype or post it!

Our first campaigns were a great success, thanks to everyone who shared and signed our petitions. We now await the response from the relevant Federal Ministers.

These early campaigns helped us to understand some of YOUR important issues. Top of your list was SUSTAINABLE IMMIGRATION (1), followed by BAN FACE CONVERINGS (2), then UNIVERSITIES & FREE SPEECH (3) followed by SAVING CHRISTMAS AND EASTER (4).

And there have been more campaigns since our official launch  that have galvanised public opinion and helped send a message to Canberra!

Kids on Nauru V Australia’s homeless kids (5), GetUp and their Socialist-Left buddies (6), Reefscare and the dangers of climate alarmism (7), Labor’s superannuation–tax- grab ( 8) and the UN Global Compact for Migration(9)

WELL DONE – with your help we have achieved a change in public opinion and helped influence political outcomes…BUT…next year is CRITICAL, and we need your opinions and continued support.

If Labor wins Bill Shorten’s reckless plans will damage our economy, indoctrinate our kids, steal from veterans and retirees and could weaken our borders.  To help change the election outcome next year we will need to get the word out there on the dangers of a Labor Government and the benefits of good economic management, strong borders, sustainable immigration, affordable and reliable energy, a fair tax system, and a welfare-safety-net for those who need one. So, this is where YOU come into the campaign.

Please tell us what YOU believe are election busters, Labor’s lame policies and voter’s non-negotiables  

Please use the link here and visit our website to complete the survey:  …….

Here is a snapshot of some of the planned campaigns, which may be chosen from the survey results

  • HANDS OFF Australia Day!
  • Rescue our retirement from Labor’s tax grab
  • Preferences elect governments – vote and preference responsibly
  • Sustainable Immigration – bigger is not necessarily better!
  • Australia and the UN – a divorce in the best interests of our nation
  • Labor loves the UN Global Compact for Mass Invasion
  • Adani means jobs for Aussies and affordable energy for 3rd-world nations
  • ‘Black gold’ builds roads, schools and hospitals
  • Renewables – should be scientific and unsubsidized
  • Save the damn water

So…..WHAT can you do?

  1. Fill out the online survey 
  2. Share this campaign with your social media friends: ….
  3. Register your interest in the survey to wear our orange vest at a polling booth.




From the team @ Rite-ON!

We wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a fabulous festive season with family and friends.

Merry Christmas from Rite-ON! 

Acknowledgement of Nation

We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who have lived here since the Dreamtime.

We acknowledge the explorers and pioneers and their descendants who planted the British flag and Christian values on this continent, creating the Australian nation.

We acknowledge the Federal Commonwealth of Australia, created by the nation, under the Crown, to guard the liberty of ALL our citizens.

And we acknowledge those ‘New Australians’, who came here for a better future, and made this nation strong and prosperous.

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