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United We Stand 3: Who Do We Trust?

Session 3

Timelines, Patents & “the Elite”

This is such a big topic that leaves you with NO DOUBT this is a worldwide take down.

Scientists report the COVID 19 virus is manmade. The virus, the testing kits and vaccines were all patented before Dec 2019 .  Dr David Martin goes through all the patents from 1999 relating to the sars Covid 2 virus and they found over 120 patented pieces of evidence to suggest the declaration of a novel coronavirus is entirely false.

Martin’s favourite quote of the Covid-19 pandemic is a statement made in 2015 by Peter Daszak; of EcoHealth Alliance, who relayed funding to Wuhan lab, later he was  the only American sent with WHO to investigate same lab. This statement was reported in a National Academies Press publication 2016:

Dr Peter Daszak “Daszak reiterated that, until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present, and at an emergency threshold, it is often largely ignored. To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis, he said, we need to increase public understanding of the need for MCMs (medical counter measures) such as a pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of process, Daszak stated.” 


Dr David Martin on timelines and patents


Dr David Martin explains this bioweapon was engineered to destroy humanity in 1999. Paid for by Fauci, patented in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 2002. Covid 19 the first disease in human history to have no clinical diagnostics. It is diagnosed by committee and symptom. They had to make up the term A Symptomatic carrier, which does not exist.  You can download the dossier Martin refers to here.  The_Fauci_COVID-19_Dossier

He discusses how 22 years ago Moderna’s initial funding was called Darwinian Chemical Systems. This included grant detail referring to “in case of a post extinction event” to get mRNA to write into DNA to start evolution again.

He names the companies behind all of this destruction. Companies like Ansar, Fors Marsh, Gotham Data Sciences, Publicis Sapient. Companies most of us have never heard of. 

And the individual players. Again, many we have never heard of.

Dr David Martin has also identified the new patent which allows for remote tracking electronically of those who have been injected.
Australian Greg Hunt’s brother’s company used graphene oxide to remotely change the heart rates of mice. Graphene Oxide is in these injections.

Boosters & Pills

Some countries like Israel are up to booster no 4 but Pfizer has just released its once a day blue pill. The pill is meant to combat cases of mild or moderate COVID-19. Does this sound familiar? An Early treatment protocol just like Ivermectin. Merck says its red Antiviral Pill for COVID-19 is effective and has filed for Emergency Authorization on October 1, 2021

Seriously, if you have not watched the movie the MATRIX it is time you did!!!

Both these new pills are look a likes to Ivermectin but now the manufacturers will make enormous money from them. Money from us, the taxpayer.
Remember though this is all the part of the distraction. The end game is plunging countries into unspeakable debt, having us locked into the Central Banking System and then using the middle class assets to bail the country out.

Do we trust our bureaucrats?

Australians have traditionally trusted our doctors and our government and to some extent, our media. To grasp what is happening around the world you may have to challenge those long held beliefs. Our natural instinct is to deny and dismiss. This could require a paradigm shift and may not be easy. 

In the USA it is a different story because of a well documented dark past.

  • Blacks in America certainly don’t trust their government– they still remember The Tuskegee Experiment. For 40 years from 1932 to 72 black men only were used to understand syphilis  – they were TOLD they were being treated for “bad blood”
  • 1965 prisoners were used to conduct experiments to understand the effects of agent orange – they were TOLD  it was simply dermatology research.
  • From 1960-1971 Cold War radiation tests were performed on poor black cancer patients in an attempt to understand how much radiation the human body can take. Patients were TOLD it would cure their cancer.

So now only 28% of New York blacks are injected which means 72% are now denied jobs and access to services.

Jeanette Young.

She has never treated a patient in her life. She is a career bureaucrat. Her husband earns money for every PCR test and has served as an adviser to Pfizer and received benefits from the drug giant. Remember her comments against Astra Zenica?  Everyone can be bought and now she has been granted the Governor General’s job for her loyalty.

Anastasia Palaszczuk.

Her father, Henry Palaszczuk (Henry Baileqi) owns the largest Genome testing and DNA database in the Southern Hemisphere. He has very close ties to China. Every Covid test is stored in his facility. GTA Foundation Chairman Henry Palaszczuk  spoke at a world conference of gene technology leaders held in China. During his speech “Genetic Data Storage Leads the Change of Era” by leveraging the unique blockchain incentive mechanism, GTA encourages more individuals to participate in gene sequencing and storage. Adhering to the principles of collaboration, security, sharing, and authentic right, GTA rapidly integrates individual user.” GTA will tap into the genetic technology blue ocean market valued at trillions of dollars.

Greg Hunt

Greg Hunt, Federal Minister for Health

Greg Hunt’s brothers own and mine graphine – graphine oxide is a component of the injections.

UNSW where his brother John works, has coincidentally received millions in grants from Greg Hunt and the Federal Government. UCI ‘grant funded’ experiments discovered they could remote control the heartbeat of a mouse, speeding it up or down remotely by way of graphene.

A remote control technology using graphine is called LiDAR, Lidar is also currently implemented in medical equipment in hospital and various therapies. As mentioned earlier, there are now patents approved for remote control tracking and tracing of injected  people.

Google Mind Medicine is a ‘foundation’ created by Greg Hunt’s other brother, Peter Hunt and Mind Med, a friend of big pharma. His other brother Steven Hunt is the Director of graphene company Sparc Technologies and sits on the board of the ‘Graphene Enabled Industry Transformation’. Peter, Robert, John & Greg Hunt , what a family affair.
Oh, and by the way, Greg Hunt has no medical back ground what so ever and in fact used to be the director of strategy, working for Klaus Scwab at the World Economic Forum.

Jane Halton

Jane Halton, was chair of the board of the World Health Organization (WHO), president of the World Health Assembly, and chair of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) health committee.
She sat at the now famous Pre Covid  “Event 201” exercise.  The World Economic Forum and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation jointly funded this event.

From their website:  This was a roll playing exercise that simulated a series of dramatic, scenario-based facilitated discussions, confronting difficult, true-to-life dilemmas associated with response to a hypothetical, but scientifically plausible, pandemic. 15 global business, government, and public health leaders were players in the simulation.

This event, lets be honest, this trial run, was held in October 2019.
She is the sister in law of Victoria’s Chief health officer, Brett Sutton.

Kristine Macartney

Professor Kristine Macartney

The lead vaccine researchers driving all government policy in Australia received $65,330,038 in government grants covering 2020-2023.

Grants of this size are unprecedented. “K Macartney” appears next to every single one of the grants.

This is referring to Professor Kristine Macartney who is a paediatrician specialising in infectious diseases and vaccinology at the University of Sydney. She is also a director of the National Centre for Immunisation Research & Surveillance (NCIRS). Most revealingly, she is also a member of the Advisory Committee on Vaccines (ACV) of the (TGA). That is the same TGA that BANNED ivermectin as an early treatment option for treating COVlD despite its high efficacy in other countries. Prof. Kristine Macartney has also acted as an expert consultant to the WHO. Another point of interest is that many of the grants were applied for and awarded before 2020.

Where does Scott Morrison sit in all this?

I personally believe no one should ever knowingly bear false witness. Exodus 20:16 . If you are going to accuse someone, then you need to produce the evidence.

What we do know is in 2015, as social services minister, Morrison introduced the no jab no play. He was responsible for withholding government services if parents chose not to inject their children. We do know children’s health has gone backwards since then. The Age in 2019 reported we are seeing a tsunami of autism coming into our school system. 

Was that part of psychologically preparing the population for acceptance of this injection? I don’t know.

There have been a lot of policies Morrison has implemented that indicates he does support our sovereignty. He did

  • Not sign the migration compact
  • Not increase the 2030 emission at the pacific conference in 2019
  • Not allow HUAWEI to contract into Australia, which infuriated China.
  • Tighten the Foreign Investment regulations
  • Call for investigation into the origin of the virus.

Clearly Morrison understands if he loses, Labor/Greens win. If Labor/Greens win, based on what we see in the USA under Biden, we will become a basket case with inflation sky rocketing, empty shelves, open borders, high crime, all part of The Great Reset agenda to do away with the middle class and introduce the UBI (The universal basic income). We will be sold out to China.

We know Morrison was getting health advice from Greg Hunt, who appears to have a conflict of interest as previously discussed and who has worked for Klaus Schwab at the WEF. Unfortunately the Liberal party appear to have been heavily infiltrated by globalists, some sources say up to 30% and the long standing bureaucracy is predominantly left leaning.

Trivia Question – What do Senator Sarah Hansen-Young from the Greens, Senator Andrew Bragg from the Liberal Party, Clare O’Neil Labor MP representing Hotham, Jessica Mauboy, Kaila Murnain – Gen Secretary, NSW for the Labor party, Simon Sheikh (Former National Director GetUp) and Jacinda Ardern Far Left PM of New Zealand all have in common?  They all attended Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders. Past attendees included Angela Merkle, Nicolas Sarkozy (sentenced to jail Dec 2021), Tony Blair, Bill Gates, Geoff Bezos, Emmanuel Macron, Gavin Newsom, Pete Buttigieg, Richard Branson, Chelsea Clinton and Black Rock’s Larry Fink.

Dr Zenko stated when asked “why do world leaders go along with this depopulation agenda?” He said “they are either bribed or threatened.”

This video also covers his healing protocols, the bigger picture and he describes where he had a 99% survival rate treating Covid before the USA government banned the early treatment he was using.

Dr Zev Zelenko being interview on the Stew Peters Show

Across the world there have been 5 and possibly  6 world leaders; Haiti, Burundi, Ivory Coast  Tanzania, Swaziland/Eswatini who refused the injection for their countries. All died in the last 18 months and were replaced by pro vaccine leaders.
Just a coincidence or something much more sinister?

It appears Morrison was trying to be ahead of the game with setting up manufacturing of the Astra Zeneca here in Australia. Manufacturing and securing supply lines for our country is a wise direction. He could not / may not have known the blood clot side effect or the push from other bureaucrats for Pfizer because of their conflicts of interest. I fully understand the limitations our Federation places on his ability to dictate to the States to do anything. However, when it comes to his upholding of the Liberal values his base expects him to stand for, it is clear and concerning that he has lost his way. If you are not familiar with the Liberal party values they include:

  • the inalienable rights and freedoms of all peoples; and we work towards a lean government that minimises interference in our daily lives; and maximises individual and private sector initiative
  • Those most basic freedoms of parliamentary democracy – the freedom of thought, worship, speech and association.
  • Equal opportunity for all Australians; and the encouragement and facilitation of wealth so that all may enjoy the highest possible standards of living, health, education and social justice.

The nepotism that is rampant across our political class does not miss Morrison either. His older brother, Alan, serves as Chair of AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) Committee on Paramedicine and Chair of the government’s Health Services Working Group.  Remember AHPRA is the body responsible for gagging all our doctors and nurses and threatening them with deregistration if they speak out against the injection.

Morrison was slow to secure Pfizer – but who wouldn’t be? I see that as a positive. Anyone who does the slightest research discovers Pfizer is corrupt and very powerful.

Pfizer, is this Terrorism?

The last 20 years Pfizer has paid out billions of dollars in fines for ;

  1. false claims
  2. safety violations
  3. selling defective heart valves
  4. misled regulators
  5. settled a bribery scandal
  6. paying kick backs to compliant doctors
  7. tested a dangerous drug on Nigerian children without consent from their parents

One Pfizer drug breach resulted in criminal fine of $ 2.3 Billion, the largest ever, as a result of misbranding pain killers.

But that is not the worst. They are now engaged in what has been called  “Vaccine Terrorism”. In Feb 2021 their conditions to supply countries such as Argentina saw them demand to be compensated for any future lawsuits. Pfizer wanted Argentina to put its bank reserves, its military bases and its embassy buildings at stake as collateral.

  1. Brazil had to agree to waiver its sovereignty assets abroad
  2. The rules of the land do not apply to Pfizer
  3. In case of side effects Pfizer is to be exempt from all civil liability.

In Oct 9 additional countries contracts were exposed.

  1. Pfizer has the right to silence governments
  2. If Pfizer are accused of IP theft governments will pay, not Pfizer ( 4 counties had to sign this including Columbia – meaning they have to defend Pfizer for intellectual property theft)
  3. Pfizer calls shots on all key decisions including price and delivery schedule.
  4. If a country challenges them and loses, Pfizer can ask for state assets including foreign bank accounts, investments, commercial property including state owned airlines and oil companies.
  5. And now of course they are making more money off the injuries they have caused.

I do not know the contractual agreement Australia made with Pfizer but I doubt if it was in our best interest.


Science is driven by GRANTS paid for by politicians.

Even the prestigious medical journal “The Lancet” received $13.6 million from the Gates Foundation last financial year.

Thank goodness lawyers across the world are fighting back.

Dr Reiner Fullmich from 23 minutes


Anna De Buisseret is just one of the thousands of lawyers fighting the legal battle.

Barrister Raymond Broomhill explains the Australian criminal law relating to those being threatened with job loss for choosing to not take the injection. This audio is a discussion with the group National Education United who are preparing a class action for approx 1700 teachers. 

Australia Ground Zero

Many around the world see Australia as ground zero for this war on democracy.
They see the images of Victorian police shooting at their own citizens with rubber bullets on the streets, Flinders Street station man attacked from behind and smashed to the ground  and even at the Shrine of Remembrance in Sept 2021. They see the images of a women pushed to the ground and peppered sprayed in the face by police while on the ground

Victoria is the only state to have signed up to the United Nations “Safe City Network”. That has to be an oxymoron.

People from other countries are supporting us. 

Oct 21 Polish MP’s Protest at the Australian Embassy against the communist and totalitarian behaviour. They support fundamental freedoms and civil rights.


Netherlands marching with us

Brits outside Australia House in the UK

and the Global Veterans alliance in the UK on remembrance day .

Video of New Yorkers demonstrating to support Australians

And yet so many Australians are still oblivious or in denial and dismiss those fighting for our freedoms as “anti vaxxers”

If you still think we are fighting a virus you are going to be a victim.
You will make decisions based on fear. I remind you, it is the money system that is the real agenda here.

If you understand we are fighting a war then hopefully you will UNITE with us and fight together, however that may be for you.

So do I trust our government ?
Unfortunately I judge things by their fruit. It is clear our system is very broken and many politicians corrupt.
The honourable ones need our support.



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