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United We Stand 1: Introduction.

We need to lift the veil on traditionally held beliefs to start to comprehend where we find ourselves as individuals and as a country today. The following transcript has had video and reference links added for more in depth understanding, context and referencing. These 4 sessions will help you journey through events that have led to Australia’s current situation.

Session 1 : Introduction

Welcome Everyone to “United We Stand

Time immemorial has seen battles fought using division. Right now we have a new social divide in Australia and around the world “The Injected”  versus the “Non-injected”.
I’m here to encourage all of us to stand UNITED regardless of our medical choices. We are now seeing Australian’s divided, based on fear, propaganda and misinformation. Many, for the first time, are experiencing persecution within their own families, friendships and community. Access to services is being denied by our own government.
I believe those who have been injected need those who have not and vice versa.  We need to stand together and fight against what is coming.
Tonight I want to expose facts that you may not have previously heard and it might help us realise that at least “We, you and I, the common people“, we are all in this together. Those who have stood the line and not been injected are fighting for our freedoms which include our democracy and our humanity. Many at great personal expense. Some have lost their careers, their incomes, are losing their homes & the futures that they had been working their whole lives for. Some, like Monica Smit have been imprisoned in Victoria.
In my opinion these people, in time, will be recognised as heroes.
They are aware of many things that others are not.
There is a worldwide war raging. A war against free democratic countries, by unelected elites who run organisations like the World Economic Forum and the United Nations whose agendas are to bring in a form of Totalitarianism or One World Government.
We are experiencing the rollout of the GREAT RESET and this man made virus is being used as a tool to bring this about.
The coordinated media black out of the facts has been absolutely astonishing.
Anna De Buisseret, UK Lawyer and former British military officer has called it “ a Military Grade Psy-Op perpetrated on the citizens of the world.”
That is why we need to work together in this battle, not divide.
Never before have I heard so many people recognise and verbalise the existence of PURE EVIL. There is an evil ideology that is trying to take control of mankind right now. It teaches us that men can become women, that abortion is a sacrament, that countries and borders are illegitimate, global finance must reign supreme, that criminals should roam free, and that all babies born by 2030 should be enhanced and augmented.
This is the cult of the Great Reset  run by the Technocratic Elite.
In my opinion, given many of the elite families are the same, World War 2 never really ended. Eugenics is a real part of the Great Reset.
Many people have been coerced, threatened, blackmailed and bribed and some simply ill-informed because of the hugely successful media campaign and an historical trust in government and doctors. That trust is going to be challenged tonight.
I believe only a small percentage of people have actually taken the injection out of a fear of dying. Most have been cleverly coerced by having a freedom taken away from them. Freedoms that include;
  • being able to visit love ones in aged care,
  • being able to travel across borders in Australia and overseas,
  • Fear of losing their job,
  • Believing that as a healthy, asymptomatic person they may transmit a virus and cause others harm. This has been described as weaponised empathy and was an absolute lie. Refer Dr Michael Yeardon (approx 7 min mark)  Ironically now, those injected are now A symptomatic carriers.
All part of the carefully crafted human manipulation program. I believe the political left & right divide, Christian versus Non Christian, all fade away when we are fighting for the survival of humanity as we know it.

The Power of Words

The elites have introduced many words to steer our thinking and our behaviour over the last few decades.
Just take our COVID language “social distancing“. Two words with opposite meaning causing a disconnect in our thinking. At the subconscious level it creates confusion and denial.
New phrases such as “chest feeding” instead of breast feeding and “birthing person” instead of mother, “first and second parent” instead of mum and dad are being touted by the media. There has been such a push to de-gender our society. All of these are conditioning us for the new non gender robotic world we are quickly entering.
Back in the 30’s Rockefeller closed down all natural remedy schools. He labelled those practitioners Quacks.  A word used to invalid them.
And now the pharmaceutical industry has given us the word ANTI VAXXER which, of course, is meant as a divisive, derogatory snide. The pharmaceutical industry is a big part of these powerful globalist forces. 
Anyone who questions their orthodoxy is a heretic and yet today the average 65 year old is now on 6 drugs per day and the health of the nation is declining, not improving. You may have heard the carefully scripted language on main stream media calling those non-injected or those attending freedom rallies as selfish, utterly disgusting, filthy, stupid and uneducated.
Well-crafted language to denigrate those making a stand for our right to choose a medical practice that is proving very dangerous to some. Many of the thousands of people who are refusing to have this injection have been fully vaccinated and their children are fully vaccinated with traditional, fully approved vaccines. Doctors, nurses and paramedics have had to be vaccinated as a prerequisite for their job. Have you thought about why they, in particular, are refusing this experimental injection? Put your common-sense hat on for just a moment. They have had a front row seat to all the injuries caused by this injection which are being well hidden from the public. So please, do not denigrate them. I am asking you to support them and I am hoping after tonight you will understand their motives better. Don’t let yourself be used by the COVID brand. Please refrain from using the word ANTIVAXXER. It is plainly inaccurate and is designed to stir up division, fear, anger and hatred.


There is not my truth and your truth, only facts.  Truth is not subjective. Our opinions are subjective.
The fact that you have not heard about something does not mean it is not true.
The fact that you might struggle to believe something does not mean it is not true.
We know calling you names is designed to intimidate you into silence and disputing “your source” is designed to invalidate you
That is why Big Tech have created this whole FACT CHECKER scenario, to debunk anyone exposing what is really happening. The same people who are paying the Fact Checkers are deplatforming doctors, nurses, police and solicitors who are trying to warn us. Fact Checkers are just another propaganda tool. I am asking you to do your own research on every thing I say but be very discerning. Get back in touch with your common sense and intuition. And know if you are really a truth seeker you will need to get off main stream media because they are bought and paid for by the elite globalists, the same people who have benefitted enormously from the “pandemic”.

What is a Vaccine?

Definition: Vaccines are a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular infectious disease. 
They are made from the virus itself, either weakened or killed, which will induce antibodies to bind and kill a live virus thereby protecting the person from that disease. Measles vaccines are just that, weakened (or attenuated) measles viruses.

So is polio. This is what most people think about when they think about vaccines. This experimental injection does not contain the virus. 

Anyone thinking this injection is like vaccines of the past have been misled. It uses gene therapy, changes your DNA, and uses delivery systems like mRNA which have NEVER been tested on the human population before.  It generates the spike protein which attacks your natural immune system. 

It is not a vaccine.

In fact The CDC surprisingly removed the phrase “protecting the person from that disease.” and updated its definition of a vaccine on 1 Sept 2021

Early Treatment

If you have never heard of Ivermectin then you may be totally oblivious to the worldwide corruption and criminal activity that is being perpetrated upon us right now. If you can grasp the criminal intent of what I am going to cover next, you will have had a “Eureka” moment.  Forgive me for labouring the point but there has been Early Treatment available for COVID from the very beginning.

This is the story of Ivermectin

1970 Japanese biochemist Mr Omora discovered a bacterium which impacted roundworm. He took it to Merck who released Ivermectin in 1980. It was found to be extremely effective against river blindness, and other diseases from parasites so that billions of dosages have been administered and it is listed as one of the WHO organisations essential medicines. It is extremely cheap to produce (under $1) and available all over the world. Extremely safe – virtually no side effects. In 2015 Mr Omora was awarded the Nobel prize for Medicine. Merxc’s patent on Ivermectin expired in 1996. That means they don’t make money from it anymore.

Fast forward 5 years with the outbreak of COVID

In early 2020 doctors world wide searched frantically for drugs that could treat COVID Sars 2. They started with existing drugs that had shown anti viral activity. Australian Professor Thomas Borody, found IVERMECTIN displayed remarkable activity against COVID Sars 2 and developed a triple-therapy using all ready available safe, cheap, approved medications.

Simultaneously In America they were seeing that administering ivermectin as early treatment resulted in lower incidences. They published their results in a medical paper that appeared in April 2020.

In  New York, the epicentre of America’s outbreak, Dr Zev Zelenko who treated thousands of patients had similar success stories relating to their experiences in his clinics.  He discussed healing protocols, and he describes where he had a 99% survival rate treating Covid before the USA government banned the early treatment he was using.

Peru, Mexico, & Argentina were finding the same results with Ivermectin. Doctors went to the National Institute of Health with over 30 studies of the successful impact IVERMECTIN was having as an early treatment protocol but these results were SUPPRESSED &  SHUTDOWN. Who did this ? A cleverly orchestrated powerful group of influencers.

  • The Main Stream Media – published lies about ivermectin being an unproven drug with no evidence, absolutely ignoring the studies. The CDC in the US called the drug just a horse wormer and this was repeated by Australia’s media.
  • Big Tech – Youtube, Facebook, Twitter. Removed any posts relating to the success of ivermectin, even from front line doctors who were trying to get the word out to help other doctors save lives.  It was all labelled as FAKE.
  • In the USA the National Institute of Health – who are responsible for providing COVID 19 treatment guidelines refused to include it as an early treatment protocol.

In fact they refused to include ANY early treatment protocol.

May 7, 2021 Dr Peter McCullough on the  Tucker Carlsen Today

Dr McCullough also claims up to 85% of all “Covid deaths” could have been avoided. Many other doctors confirm this. Understand the MEDIA, BIG TECH and PHARMA are all controlled by the same powerful elite globalists. Some of you will be thinking I am a conspiracy theorist by now ( just another term the CIA created to silence dissidents ) but when the theory is played out in real life and people are dying from it, it is time for all of us to challenge our traditional thinking.

The USA government guidelines, that were in place for most of 2020, indicted there was no early treatment for Covid positive patients that were not in hospital. Doctors were advised “Do not treat patients until they are sick enough to go to hospital where they were put into ICU and for many, on to ventilators. In Australia on the 11th September 2021 the Therapeutics Goods Association (TGA) took the unprecedented step of effectively banning the prescribing of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19 infection. As mentioned, our media portrayed ivermectin as just a horse wormer (which it also is) and ridiculed those talking about the great results. Many Australians objected strongly to the ban. In fact a Federal petition had over 105,201 signatures because the TGA ignores

  • the wealth of published clinical safety and efficacy evidence.
  • it as a valuable early treatment option.
  • The banning interferes with the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship and the freedom of Australians to choose their own health solutions based on their doctor’s advice.

Doctors in Australia are still not allowed to prescribe it even if they know it will help their patients and if they do, they are being de-registered.

Do we still believe our government when they say they want to keep us safe?

Ivermectin Around the world: 

Around the world, doctors are now winning court cases to use Ivermectin for their patients

India’s story is interesting. We all heard the horrific death tolls in India, but how many of us knew that so much death could have been prevented.
The province Uttar Pradesh pop 231 million authorised use of Ivermectin August 2020 and distributed kits costing a few dollars to the infected and their families. In  Jan this year, 5 months later they had their first covid “death free day. This is a population 10 times that of Australia with poor hospitals and no social distancing!! 230 million people in this province &  NO ONE died from covid  while at the same time in the USA they were averaging 3,000 deaths per day allegedly from Covid.  They are a great success story.

So outraged about the deliberate misinformation provided by the WHO regarding Ivermectin the Indian Bar Association sued the WHO Chief Scientist, accusing her in a 71-point brief of causing the deaths of Indian citizens in other provinces because they stopped using IVERMECTIN based on WHO’s information. Additional reference re India

A comparison of African countries who used Ivermectin and those who did not. 

Indonesia is another example. Indonesia headlineCases Plummeted in Indonesia After Government Authorized IVERMECTIN For Treatment – Big Pharma Vaccines Made Little Difference. Indonesia has 277 million people.

El Salvador . Every citizen is provided with an “anti-COVID-19 kit” containing the following products free of charge by the government, if needed. The kit contains – Paracetamol and aspirin (anti-inflammatory) – Loratadine (antihistamine) – Ivermectin (against parasite infestation) – Azithromycin (antibiotic) – Vitamin C (500mg) – Vitamin D (2000 IU) – Zinc (50mg) – Electrolytes (minerals)
In Israeli Aug 2021 scientist saying COVID-19 could be treated for under $1/day    Double-blind study shows ivermectin reduces disease’s duration and infectiousness. Not surprisingly, FDA and WHO caution against its use.
Guatemala and Bolivia are now also implementing this program. This is going in the right direction – this is what it looks like when parts of a government have a genuine interest in finding a solution and protecting (not killing) the population.  

Our TGA said more robust clinical trials are needed regarding ivermectin but Mexico showed a quicker way to test ivermectin and save lives. They organised a trial last year (2020) and distributed an ivermectin therapy to anyone who tested positive and wanted to take the drug. In 3 months, there was a 76 per cent reduction in hospitalisation in the 80,000 that used ivermectin. Additional article: Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19

Jan 24 2022 BrazilLarge, Peer-Reviewed Research Study Proves Ivermectin Works Against COVID-19

Ivermectin is  being denied to Australians as an early treatment by the TGA because

1. It makes no money for the Globalists & Big Pharma and
2. Unfortunately, this is the more sinister reason that you may struggle to get your head around

If the government acknowledged there was an effective treatment available (like Ivermectin) they could not have authorised the use of an experimental vaccine.


Banned in Australia by TGA April 2020, again government dictating what doctors can prescribe, it is apparent they knew it would be effective.  Note the dates. Covid hit Australia on 25th January 2020 and the hydroxychloroquine was banned, for the first time in Australian history,  by 7th April 2020. As Peter McCullough said “That just doesn’t add up”. Why? Because it was another early treatment protocol. Some of you may be aware of how hard the ex Liberal Member Craig Kelly fought to get the truth out. He was relentlessly demonised by the media and by his own party.

You cannot tell the Ivermectin-hydroxychloroquine story without the Remdesivir Story

When patients went into American hospitals they were treated with Remdesivir ( which did nothing to reduce mortality), cost $3,100 per course and which had a kidney failure rate of 30%.

Dr. Bryan Ardis

In the above video Dr. Bryan Ardis shares how the COVID-19 protocols the hospitals were told to use were literally killing people including his own father-in-law. That has been confirmed by many doctors & nurses. Dr Zelenko says the huge deaths in New York were not from Covid as much as from the medical practices. Well over 60% of those ventilated did not survive. It was the wrong approach. Other issues included :

  • the disproportion of covid deaths around those of colour,
  • applying DNR orders when families explicitly did not want that,
  • clustering covid positive patients  with covid negative patients which led to many hospital acquired infections,
  • heavy sedation of patients for a month at a time,
  • false labelling of patients.


Erin Olsewski, nurse whistle blower working in New York’s Elmhurst Hospital

Erin Olsewski was one of the first videos I saw on the abuse being delivered and the United Nations Agenda being implemented using Covid as the cover. She also confirmed public hospitals were being paid per patient if they declared them Covid and $30K if they went on a ventilator. Even our own brave Australian doctors at Covid Medical Network have stated

“The Australian Federal and State Governments response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus is now doing more harm than good. It may cause more deaths, and result in far more negative health effects, than the virus itself. It risks creating Australia’s worst ever public health crisis.”

In fact in 2021 more Australian’s have died from the injection than from Covid – but more about that in session 2.

Once you understand the end game appears not to be about “keeping people safe from a virus”, then you will start to look for what is really going on. The Government would not have banned early treatment if it was all about keeping people safe.

“’Emergencies’ have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded.” – F.A Hayek  
It was to enable the States to bring in the The COVID-19 Emergency Response Act 2020 and the extraordinary regulations and statutory instruments made under that Act.
  • If there was a known available treatment the government would not have legally been able to enact these emergency powers.
  • If there was a known available treatment the government would not have legally been able to distribute an injection that was still in the experimental phase!

The injection is the pathway to the Digital Identity Passport, the key that unlocks the Great Reset.

Catherine Austin Fitt explains why the elites require everyone of us to have an Australian wide digital identity passport before they can implement the cashless society. This will have us living under a China like credit system of surveillance and restriction of movement and services. Additional reference:  interview with Melissa Cheves regarding Identity Passports: The Irish Inquiry.
The powerful globalist forces have big plans ahead to RESET the world and bring down democracy and capitalism.
The injection plays a very important part in that.
This book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum gives you a sneak peak of designer babies, replacing people’s memories and the world of AI & robots. And he wrote that in 2016 –  5 years on and it is being implemented now.

Schwab’s latest book released July 2020

All this requires EVERYONE  to be injected, transformed and remotely tracked. Thank God some Australians are fighting back against it.

Once you truly internalise what has happened worldwide with the collusion and corruption of the elite including Big Pharma, the Media and Govt Health agencies you will get a glimpse of the war we are in.

It is the biggest, most effective propaganda war in the history of the world. Designed to make us dependent, obedient and docile. The end goal is to create a totalitarian world regime or one world government run by the unelected elite. Part of that strategy is to reduce the population of the weak, the old, the unprofitable and rebellious and to take inventory of everyone else.
Take your time to digest what you have read in the introductory session.
What you are reading may be very confronting and difficult to process.
If you have questions and are struggling and would like to speak with someone email


Video References & Site map

Session 1 Introduction

Welcome Everyone to “United We Stand”

Video Dr Michael Yeardon includes A symptomatic transmission is a myth  58 minutes

The Power of Words


What is a Vaccine?

Early Treatment

Video The story of Ivermectin & COVID-19 24 minutes

Video Professor Thomas Borody Ivermectin triple therapy a wonder drug against COVID

Ivermectin Around the world: 

Video Dr Peter McCullough on Tucker Carlson 45 minutes

Israel, India,Indonesia,El Salvador,Guatemala and Bolivia


Remdesivir Story

Video Dr Bryan Ardis Refuse Remdesivir!13 minutes

Video Erin Olsewski The (Undercover) Epicenter Nurse 1 hour 10 min

Digital Identity Passport,

Video Catherine Austin Fitts 1 hour 2 minutes

Video Chinese Credit System 27 minutes

Video Melissa Cheves The irish Inquiry 35 minutes

4th Industrial Revolution Klaus Schawb


Session 2 The Virus & The Injection.

 How Dangerous is the Virus?

Age stratified infection fatality rates

In Australia in 2020 COVID-19 was the 38th leading cause of death

Around the world:

PCR testing has been flawed from the start

Video Kary Mullis Inventor of the PCR Test -Talks About Fauci 2 minutes 10

How SAFE is the Injection?

Video Dr.Simone Gold 56 minutes


    1. Antibody Dependant Enhancement.

Video Senator Gerard Rennick and Australia’s COVID mismanagement 58 minutes

Video Our Voices Matter Adverse Reactions 12 minutes

Police speak out:

Video NSW Police Sergeant Stephen Kelly 30 minutes

Video Detective Sergeant Lee Philips 15 minutes

Nurses speak out

Video Gold Coast 14 minutes

Video Adelaide 2 minutes

Video Sunshine Coast 14 minutes

Video Toowoomba   53 minute

Current Worldwide Adverse Event databases

Myocarditis (Heart Inflammation)

 75 European Fully Vaccinated Athletes Died or Seriously Ill From “Sudden” Heart Attacks

How EFFECTIVE is the Injection?

Scotland:Fully Vaccinated account for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths

Gibraltar, Singapore, Ireland, Iceland


Session 3 Who Do We Trust?

Timelines, Patents & “the Elite”

Video Dr David Martin

Boosters & Pills

Do we trust our bureaucrats?

Jeanette Young

Anastasia Palaszczuk

Greg Hunt

Jane Halton

Christine Macartney

Scott Morrison

Video Zev Zelenko Why do world leaders go along with this depopulation agenda

Pfizer, is this Terrorism?

Legal support

Video Dr Reiner Fullmich from 23 minutes

Video Anna De Buisseret 23 minutes

Audio Barrister Raymond Broomhill 40 minutes

Australia Ground Zero

Video AviYemini Victorian police shooting at their own citizens 4 minutes

Video in the park Flinders street 1 minutes

Video Shrine of Remembrance shootings 2 minutes

Video absolute thuggery and violence perpetrated by the police Women pushed to ground and tazered 2 minutes

Other countries support us

Video Poland, Netherlands, UK, New York.

 Session 4 Fighting for Our Future

The future & our preparedness

The Great Resets

The Internet of Things.

Transhumanism & AI

Chimera & CRISPR

Video Ellen Jorgensen’s What you  need to know about CRISPR 10 minutes

Video Jennifer Doudna’s How CRISPR lets us edit our DNA 16 minutes

Video Bill Gates VACCINATE THE RELIGIOUS’ 4 minutes

Grace, the Robotic Nurse

Video Meet Grace, the ultra-lifelike nurse robot 5 minutes

Job loss is part of the plan.

“Owning nothing” also means losing our properties.

Extinction of our freedoms

Video  The Vaccine passport and the destopian world we will enter 17 minutes

We need to prepare ourselves.

Prepare Mentally,

Video Catherine Austin Fitts Catherine Austin Fitts Explains the economic Fascism Behind the Covid-19 PsyOp  1 hour

Video FIAT money explained 2mins

Video ABC Collapse of China property giant to impact Australia’s biggest export. 2 minutes

Skills,  End Time preparedness series of 14 videos

Community and Relationships

Passive Non Compliance with everything.

Video DR. DAVID MARTIN  40 minutes

Video Peaceful rally’s.

The psychology of mass denial and abusive relationships

Video Prof. Mattias Desmet 1 hour 23 minutes

Video Meredith Millar 48 minutes

Climate Change will be ramped up with Lockdowns to save the planet

Video Klaus Schwab WEF  cyber attack Schwab has promised 1 minute

Video Jeremy Jurgen WEF 28 seconds

Music video Blind Joe – I will Not Comply


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