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Suggested list of ideas that the Rite-ON! team have created to stimulate your thoughts or choose from

1 Immigration UN Global Compact for Migration/ Compatible Immigration, Numbers of migrants / Citizenship
2 Education STOP Safe Schools/ Curriculum changes to return to core subjects/ NO Pre-school indoctrination/ Teach Australian history with pride as part of grand narrative of Western Civilization
3 Renewables & fossil fuel energy production  – must be scientific and unsubsidized/ Nuclear – is it an option / Coal to stay in the mix in medium term – new HELO / SUPPORT Adani – Labor wants cash but need Greens support
4 National Security Borders – controlled by Australia – not the UN / Retain off-shore processing and boat turn-backs
5 Agriculture Remove Labor’s Vegetation Laws/ Restore Private Property Rights/ Drought-proof rural Australia
6 Economy Labor’s tax on retirees superannuation / Capital Gains Tax changes / Negative Gearing / Labors fiscal recklessness / Keep national debt low
7 Electoral Reform Online voting – stop multiple booth voting / Have Voter ID / Remove mandatory preferential voting
8 Culture & Identity Australia Day – hands off! / Teach Western Civilization history/ Stop Cultural Marxism in education / Christmas and Easter as part of our Christian Judea roots
9 UN & other supranationals Pull out of Paris Climate Accord / Pullout of all UN agreements/ Increase aid to UN camps – reduce refugee intake
10 Environment Climate Change – Science not alarmism / Wind turbines and solar pros and cons / Management of National Parks / Reduction of fire hazards / Reef facts- not fiction
11 Industrial relations Unions in charge under Labor / Pre -Keating IR under Labor / Strikes legal / National economy at risk / Under UN Compact – a worldwide union
12 Social Welfare As a safety-net only – not a lifestyle/ Stop rorts of system / Not available to new migrants for 5 years – and only those who have paid taxes into the system

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