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Richard Di Natale Leader – the Australian Greens Party

Richard Di Natalie Greens

Richard Di Natale: Federal Parliamentary leader for the Anti-Australian Greens.

Di Natale heads up a party that seems focused on removing all things we, the Australian people value as our heritage, and is determined to plunge our economic future into the abyss.

How out of touch can one party be with the majority of Australians?

His party policies are steeped in political correctness that robs Australians of their culture. You just have to wonder whose payroll he is on.

A party that wants to change the date of Australia Day, that openly celebrates  Islamic Ramadan , but wants to minimise Christmas.
A party that wants to do away with safeguards inherent in our Monarchy & Constitution that protects our property rights through the Rule of Law.

Maybe Di Natale needs to remember a fair days work for a fair days pay is what built this nation.

A party that demonises coal as evil and causing health issues, when the reports and evidence stack up against wind turbines. Wind turbines, which are resulting in families across Australia abandoning their properties because they are causing profound health issues.
Even the World Health Organisation acknowledges the health problems relating to Wind Turbines!
Aren’t the GREENS meant to care for the environment and people’s health?

Not according to our Aussie farmers. The Greens Land Management  policies are wreaking havoc on  Australian farmers. Just ask the “Green Shirts” a group specifically created to counteract the damage these “Greenie” policies are doing to our native vegetation and farming.

A party of such questionable characters begs the question, what moral guidelines they follow when they call other politicians “pigs”.

Possibly the most telling of  Di Natale’s inability to head a coherent, fact-based, forward-focused, fiscally-capable party is their economic polices. Di Natale’s numbers make absolutely no sense unless the goal is to create a debt ridden country that may require an international bail out. The Greens want to increase spending on  “universal basic income” ( SOCIALISM)  by $254 BILLION per annum, at the same time removing our primary source of revenue- coal, worth $56.6 BILLION per annum.

Good on you Di Natale – you have obviously done your maths. Steal another 300 BILLION per annum, from our children … and their children  … and their children … and their children.

Great Anti Australian Party!  Time The Greens Party were put on the compost heap and finally help the environment!

Richard Di Natale was elected to the Australian Senate in the 2010 federal election.

In 2007 he spoke out about the health implications of climate change.[1]

Di Natale who was a public health specialist and the Greens Senate candidate for Victoria, said at the time

“climate change is a looming health crisis for which, largely due to the Prime Minister’s scepticism, we are unprepared.”

Then in 2007 Di Natale voiced concerns about terror laws in relation to the then suspect Dr. Mohamed Haneef. [2] He said

Terrorism would not be defeated by removing an innocent individual’s rights.

Di Natale whilst addressing a Melbourne rally in support of former terror suspect Dr Mohamed Haneef, said

“current legislation was a real cause for concern.”

Dr Haneef was arrested in Brisbane November 2018,  following the botched attack on Glasgow Airport. Charges were dropped due to  lack of evidence and he has  returned home to India. Haneef is distantly related to Kafeel Ahmed and Sabeel Ahmed, who were involved in the 2007 attack, but police admitted that there was no evidence linking him to the attack.

Following the 2010 Federal election:

2010 The Greens issued their resolution on Israel / Palestine situation – this policy is still in place with Di Natale as leader. [3]

1.3 recognise the ongoing injustice that has been done to the Palestinian people and aim to rectify that injustice in a way that will allow both Palestinians and Israelis to live in peace

1.4 oppose Israel’s ongoing occupation of the Palestinian territories and the expropriation of Palestinian land and resources for its settlements.

2012 Ms Quarterman, (Di Natale’s partner), posted on advertising  an “au pair”  job paying $150 a week, plus food and board.

2016 Di Natale and partner  were exposed over the salary paid to three “au pairs” to help with his family;  $150 a week after tax, or $3.75 an hour – based on a standard 40-hour week plus room and board $300 a week. [4]

2017 Taxpayer funds were used to fly his ‘nanny’ to Canberra along with his partner and children, as part of a $1500 trip. The au pair joined the family while on a ­cultural exchange program in Australia. [5]

Di Natale has railed against the use of taxpayer-funded entitlements by MPs, and has suggested these entitlements are leading to voter disaffection with politicians.

2013 Di Natale made a speech in parliament supporting the benefits of wind turbines. He claimed there no substantial scientific evidence about  the reported health effects and noise.

Di Natali claims that coal is more damaging than wind turbines!

Many investigative reports are now challenging this claim.

Di Natale chose to ignore the impact of wind turbines on our environment, he failed to mention the mutilated bird life or what happens to these monstrosities at the end of their life?

Dangers of Wind Turbines

2015 Senator Di Natale became the Federal Parliamentary leader of the Australian Greens.

Senator Di Natale and his partner Lucy Quarterman, jointly own a 20-hectare farm but he  failed to declare ownership of this property which was his primary residence for 15 months. This was in breach of Senate rules and potentially placed him in ‘serious contempt’ of the Senate as per “the disclosure of property owned solely or jointly by a senator.” [4]

Di Natale and partner also own a second investment property in North Melbourne, which was not negatively geared, when he entered the Senate on July 1, 2011.

He declared ownership of the North Melbourne property on his Register of Senators’ Interests on July 28, 2011

2015  Di Natale supports Australia becoming a Republic. [6]

The Greens declared they were ready for a new debate about the national flag, as a step towards becoming a republic.

When asked whether he would prefer a new flag or a republic, Senator Di Natale replied ” A republic iss more important.”

2016 Di Natale launched The Greens Immigration Policy for Refugees, with the party’s immigration spokeswoman, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, in Melbourne. [6]

“The Greens propose increasing the refugee intake to 50,000 a year and shutting the Manus and Nauru offshore detention centres”.




2017 Richard di Natale and The Greens announce an intention to decriminalise most drugs and get rid of drug sniffer dogs.

After a year-long review process, The Greens voted to abandon their policy of blanket opposition to the legalisation of currently illegal drugs, and replace it with a principle that the legal approach to drugs and other substances should be informed by evidence about their harmful effects.

“Do policy makers really think young people are just going to chuck their pills when they see dogs at the gates of a festival? Of course not. The data shows that they are much more likely to take their drugs all at once and roll the dice when it comes to the potential health impacts. Most young people tend to think they are invincible!”

drug Policy

2017 Di Natali posted a video on Facebook paying tribute to the Muslim festival of Ramadan which received huge condemnation on social media following the Manchester suicide bombing which killed 22 people the previous week

Are Muslims more important than those murdered in the name of Islam?

Di Natlale - Islam ahead of Christianity



The latest round of controversy was sparked when he told The Australian his party would campaign to have Australia Day, that marks the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet and the colonisation of Australia – changed.

It was proposed the government abolish the existing welfare scheme and introduce a ‘universal basic income’, – a non-means-tested payment to all Australians. This would more than double the social security bill, smash the ­incentive to work and force the top marginal tax rate up to 78 per cent, according to exclusive analysis and would require federal public spending to rise by $254 billion a year, or by almost 55 per cent.[14]

The Ruddock Panel Report on Religious Freedom, was pre-empted by The Greens who recently introduced a Bill to the Senate. The bill seeks to amend the Sex Discrimination Act which puts at risks the freedom of religious Australians.[15]

Di Natale says The Greens will take a hard line with a Shorten Government on emissions.

This tough rhetoric on climate change contrasts with a speech Di Natale gave earlier in September promising the Greens will “work with a new government to get climate action back on track”, an olive branch interpreted to mean it will not block Labor’s climate legislation.

The Greens announce a policy proposing that it would be illegal to dig, burn or ship thermal coal by 2030. It is proposed to outlaw thermal coal as it is ‘no longer compatible with human life.’


Greens to make coal illegal

Australia’s economy relies heavily on coal exports, which in 2017 were valued at $56.5bn, in addition to revenue from royalties and tax collections.


The leader of The Greens, Richard Di Natale, was thrown out of Parliament after calling Liberal Senator Barry O’Sullivan “a pig” when he allegedly made suggestive remarks about Sarah Hanson-Young.

Di Natale became the first senator suspended from the upper house, since former Greens leader Bob Brown in 2003.

“There’s a bit of [former independent senator] Nick Xenophon in her. I don’t mean that to be a double reference, but there’s a bit of Xenophon in her,” the Senator said.

Senator O’Sullivan insisted he meant because she didn’t show up to an inquiry, saying he didn’t mean it to be a double reference. He withdrew the comments unconditionally.

Senator Di Natale suspended from parliament

The Greens have embraced #MeToo, a movement described by the party’s federal leader, Richard Di Natale, as a “long overdue reckoning’’ for disrespect shown by men towards women.
Yet they recently supported candidates who demonstrated the behaviour they condemn – one who was forced to stand down for alleged rape, another a rap singer called ‘FatGut’ who wrote lyrics about date-raping women and wanting to bash his girlfriend.

Green Candidate Rap Singer

A former state leader who refers to women as fat, hairy lesbians and power pussies is another example of this incongruous behaviour.
Another Green MP who fits this profile, NSW Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham has been asked to stand aside over allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards women, as the state branch descended into an angry split over the upper house member’s future.
Former Greens MP Lee Rhiannon ­has likened the party to the Catholic Church for their failure to act on claims of sexual abuse and misconduct.

Voters share why they voted Greens






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