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How to Vote 18 May Federal Election

How to Vote

How to Vote Cards Australia Wide

Rite-ON! recommendations  are based on preferences, policies, principles, and people.
Over 68% of all seats will be decided on preferences.

Voting for the House of Reps 

Our priority is to Keep Shorten Out . To do this, strategic consideration has been given to how preferences flow and how the political parties have chosen to preference. Some conservative parties have chosen to hostile preference against other conservatives.  In the 2016 Federal Election,  68% of ALL seats in the lower house, were decided on preferences. Rite-ON! has taken these factors into consideration and produced recommended HTV cards for each electorate in Australia and for each Senate ballot.

The cards below are our recommendations, but you can vote for your favourite party first.
In our opinion any of the parties in the middle column are better for Australia than Labor or The Greens.

Voting in the Senate

Things to consider:
You can choose to vote either ABOVE the line or BELOW the line.

Above the line: you are voting for the PARTY – they choose your preferences  – select a minimum of 6 candidates.
Below the line: you are voting for the CANDIDATE – you choose your preferences – select  a minimum of 12 candidates.

To be absolutely sure that your vote does not exhaust,  ensure that you have have the Coalition Party early in your preferences. Even if this means filling in extra squares beyond the 6 above or 12 below.

It is important that conservative preferences DO NOT help elect a Labor Government. 

Vote with care and preference wisely!

How to Vote if you are on the Right/Conservative side of politics


New South Wales


South Australia

Western Australia

Northern Territory

Australian Capital Territories





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Rite On! Is committed to fighting for Australian conservative values so our children can grow up in a free and democratic society.

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Acknowledgement of Nation

We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who have lived here since the Dreamtime.

We acknowledge the explorers and pioneers and their descendants who planted the British flag and Christian values on this continent, creating the Australian nation.

We acknowledge the Federal Commonwealth of Australia, created by the nation, under the Crown, to guard the liberty of ALL our citizens.

And we acknowledge those ‘New Australians’, who came here for a better future, and made this nation strong and prosperous.

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