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GetUp Gets Busted!

GetUp's sticky fingers

GetUp turns their 6-star salaries and travel into an attack on ‘climate deniers’

Paul Oosting from GetUpAre you confused already? Please let us explain!

GetUp are experiencing widespread retaliation from donors and supporters for their excessive spending of donations and they are clearly embarrassed. They want you to ‘look elsewhere’.

So, they are copying ‘Sleeping Giants and Mad Fu*king Witches’ (1) tactics of bullying and harassment by attacking WOOLWORTHS, in retaliation for an article in the Australian newspaper that exposed their excessive spending habits. (2) Are you still with us?

When GetUp’s back is up against the wall, they have only one option – and that is to go on the ATTACK.  

Using ‘climate denial’ as their ‘raison d’ etre’ they believe an attack on ‘climate deniers’ is the only justification needed to deflect attention from the recent embarrassing revelation that they pay themselves 6-star salaries ….and use leftover funds to create GetUp campaigns.  So, who are these ‘climate-deniers’? Well, it is of course, the media that exposed their excessive spending on themselves!

Recently the Australian newspaper published two articles quoting GetUp’s own financial figures, that showed over 70% of donated funds went to pay staff salaries, travel and administration costs. A measly 30% of donated funds were left over for billboards, flyers and expensive TV advertisements.

GetUp's Balance sheet

Always one to be seen and heard on the media, this time however, GetUp does not like the media exposure and are hitting back in a ‘nothing to see here’ campaign.  

Channeling ‘climate change’ as the reason for the recent bushfires, they are willing to attack ANYONE who suggests other contributing factors. Excessive fuel loads and prolonged drought have already been flagged as major factors. Nevertheless, GetUp are on the attack to destroy people and corporations who dare to suggest other causes, identifying them as ‘climate deniers.’

It was therefore Woolworth’s turn to feel the climate-heat from GetUp!

To understand this seemingly unrelated attack, we will connect the dots.

Woolworths advertise with the Murdoch Press, and so by extension in the minds of the GetUp gurus, they are funding ‘climate denial’.  These assumptions are totally irrelevant. GetUp is desperate to deflect attention away from their largesse  because supporters are walking, and their bank account is waning.

GetUp has no defense for ‘luxury’ salaries, so they are on the attack.

Having learned nothing from their misplaced and failed May 2019 Federal Election campaign against conservatives, they believe fair-minded people will now support corporate bullying and harassment’ in place of their now infamous ‘bullying and harassment of conservatives’. Do fair minded people really support attacks that threaten people, damage the economy and put at risk thousands of jobs?
GetUp apparently thinks so!

To add to this explosive expose, Johannes Leak created a cartoon depicting his version of GetUp headquarters in Sydney.

GetUp cartoon Johannes Leak 25 FEB 2020GetUp took offense at this cartoon calling it ‘bizzare’, however, we call it ‘right on the money’ .
The Australian’s article ‘Every dollar you donate is a waste of money’  (3) further alerted well-meaning but naïve supporters to the dangers of Not-For Profit organizations like GetUp.

And so it was that yesterday, (26/2/20) GetUp positioned a mobile billboard outside the headquarters of one of Murdoch’s biggest Australian advertisers – Woolworths- to intimidate and harass their management.

GetUp believes bullying and intimidation is the best way to get results on ‘climate change’.

They believe advertisers will crumble under their blatant extortion and pull their advertising!  While GetUp’s supporters were on the streets handing out flyers to hundreds of customers, and their sign was driving around Sydney, their ‘keyboard warriors’ were on social media and on the phones giving Woolworths a jolly-old-rollicking that propping up climate denial is not okay”… the rest of us were not fooled, and were instead focused on GetUp’s excessive donor-funded salaries!

GetUp knows Woolworths have acquiesced before. They believe that if advertisers pull their advertising, companies like the Murdoch Press, will be forced to change their editorial stance on climate change – or face the financial penalty.’  

This is blatant extortion, bullying and harassment.

When big money and vested interests are at play, GetUp fights back using their (unpaid volunteer) digital warriors.  Murdoch was GetUp’s focus recently because they claimed they were a mouthpiece for fossil fuel interests, right-wing politicians and powerful institutions. Really?  But what does GetUp stand for?
Last year (2019) Rite-ON! published a series of articles about this shadowy group. Refer references below 5,6, & 7

Perhaps before attacking others, GetUp should look in the mirror!

GetUp has misinformed people

We know there are many well-meaning people who have been ‘taken-in’ by GetUp, but now there is no reason to be confused!

So, while GetUp mobilized their (decreasing) supporters to harass and intimidate the Murdoch Press via Woolworths, the rest of Australia was busy working to support their families, caring for people in their communities or helping to keep the nation safe.

Woolworths apparently knows the power of the internet, but all GOOD people know the power of ‘fairness and decency’.

In conclusion:

It appears that GetUp is run by a small opaque group of dubious leftwing activists with decaying support from overseas groups.

And NOW naïve Australians are waking up and walking out.

Please share with your contacts and alert them to GetUp’s spending spree of donated funds!





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