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Get Up & their socialist-left connections


Part 2:
To understand the culture and intent of a group, first we start with the creators, and then look at the company they keep.

Jeremy Heimans

Getup was created by Jeremy Heimans and David Madden in 2005. Sydney born Heimans attended Sydney Boys School and the University of Sydney. (1)

A political activist from a very young age, he was interested in ‘people power’ and looking to change the status-quo. In 2009 he co-founded another social-activist group ‘Purpose’ (2) that created an LGBT group ‘All- Out’ giving gay, bi-sexual and trans-gender people power to change legislation and political outcomes to benefit their community. (3)

In 2018 he co-authored and launched a book: New Power: How Power Works in Our Hyperconnected World – and How to Make It Work for You.  (4)

Praised by many big names around the world, clearly Heiman is an influential man, with global connections.

To create GetUp, he accepted funding from billionaire socialist George Soros, $100K from AWU when Bill Shorten was the president. (5) and later in 2010, a $1.12m donation from the CFMEU, clearly defining GetUp’s political position in Australia.

David Madden

Less known than Heimans, GetUp co-founder David Madden grew up in Canberra and served as an Army Officer before meeting Heiman and together creating social-media political activism thru the portal of GetUp in 2005. (6)

He had already co-founded ‘Win Back Respect’ to fight a campaign against former President George W Bush. His involvement with GetUp was to fight against another conservative leader, John Howard, firmly establishing the group’s progressive, anti-conservative position.

GetUp’s overseas connections influence Australian politics

Billionaire Socialist George Soros

Starting with the major inspiration for GetUp, we investigate the global connection of George Soros across his numerous established groups. ‘Open Societies Foundation’ is the flagship of the Soros-Socialist-Empire,  grandfathering a vast number of other organizations with links across the world.   In the US alone Soros funds and controls over 187 different organizations, all aimed at supporting the Democrats and achieving a socialist result.  (7)

Documents stolen from the organization indicate that the ‘Open Society Foundations’ U.S. Programs agenda prioritizes several liberal (left-wing) issue prerogatives and funds left-wing organizations to carry out these policies. (9)

Some of these prerogatives include creating a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, cutting the number of prison inmates by 50%, enacting comprehensive immigration reform, increasing welfare handouts, and raising taxes to redistribute wealth, to create a Socialist State.   Across the globe Open Society Foundations have been criticized for undermining American foreign policy. (10)

On September 11, 2017, Patrick Gaspard was named to be president of Open Society Foundations beginning in 2018. Gaspard previously served as a top aide to former President Barack Obama and as a national Democratic Party official (11) confirming its left-wing focus.

Influence from overseas is a direct threat to Australia’s democratic elections. Many voters are opposed to influence from China and Russia, and increasingly negative about agreements that successive Federal Governments have signed with the United Nations, however, GetUp, since its inception has been using overseas funding (along with major funding from the Unions) to achieve a socialist outcome in Australia.

The following international organizations are connected to GetUp and have donated significant funding to the organization.   It is claimed by many that GetUp is Billionaire-Socialist George Soros Australian group.



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Avaaz is a global organization of 47 million people whose co-founders include Ricken Patel, Tom Pravda, former Virginia congressman Tom Perriello, MoveOn Executive Director Eli Pariser, Australian progressive entrepreneur David Madden, Jeremy Heimans (co-founders of, and Andrea Woodhouse. The board consists of Ricken Patel (president), Ian Bassin, and Sam Barratt. (12)

350.0rg is an overseas US registered organization working in 49 countries. is part of an international push to stop all fossil fuel exploration and mining and change to a 100% renewables future.  Supported and funded by The Sunrise Project – funded by John Podesta of the US Centre for American Progress, also has a close relationship with GetUp. targets Australia’s Coal, Gas and Oil industries, attempting to change legislation and destroy the fossil fuel industry. (13)


Greenpeace -an international organization registered in Canada, operates in 55 countries with the support of 30 million members. Strongly opposed to coal and oil exploration, coal-mining and coal-fired power stations, Greenpeace supports a 100% renewables future. It is funded by supporter donations, donations from The Sunrise Project that is funded by John Podesta of the US Centre for American Progress, and Greenpeace International, based in Amsterdam. (14)


Campact which has headquarters in Berlin, was founded in 2004 based on Soros funded US-based groups; MoveOn and Avaaz. Originally advocating policy changes in Germany on taxation, trade agreements, nuclear power, social issues and climate change, in 2016 it began attacking single political parties starting with the AfD (Alternative for Deutschland).  It Identifies as progressive with 2.1 million supporters.  (15)

The Oak Foundation

The Oak Foundation was established in 1983 in Geneva, Switzerland.  It now has offices in Switzerland, Denmark, India, Bulgaria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, the UK and the US. Built with resources from several philanthropic organizations, Oak has a 6-member board of trustees, 4 members including Barbara Rothschild, and a staff of approx. 75 people. Oak champions ‘global social and environmental issues’ with a focus on women and children.  Oak features 11 programmes and has donated more than 4,000 grants to like-minded socially-progressive groups around the world. (16)

GetUp’s Labor and Union ‘mates’

Commencing with former AWU President Bill Shorten and the CFMEU, GetUp has its roots in progressive left-wing Labor policies, despite unconvincing attempts to present a non-partisan platform.  Initially GetUp’s campaigns appeared neutral and not politically-aligned, they became however, increasingly hard-left, often focusing on conservatives with personally derogatory and defamatory accusations and perusing a relentless push for gender-based issues, renewable energy, faux environmental science, increased immigration and socialist style policies.

Our GetUp Labor and Unions Rogues Gallery is below for your viewing pleasure!

GetUp The Ties that bind Rite-ON!

Conservatives who ‘flirt’ with GetUp

GetUp also has a few admirers-on- the-right, despite their unambiguous intentions to damage the Coalition, conservative politicians and policies.  Are these politicians feeding the crocodiles hoping they will eat them last?

Christopher Pyne

In 2017, Christopher Pyne MP sought the advice of GetUp, to determine if then PM Malcolm Turnbull had enough numbers to withstand a challenge from Tony Abbott.  This was despite GetUp campaigning against Christopher Pyne when he was the Education Minister under Tony Abbott.

“In the 2009 leadership contest I supported Malcolm Turnbull as leader of the Liberal Party and encouraged all those around me to do the same, including stakeholders and lobby groups such as GetUp!” he told Sky News on Sunday.   The Saturday Paper source was Simon Sheikh, former national director of GetUp! who told the newspaper that Mr. Pyne called the activist group personally to request an email and phone campaign to support Mr. Turnbull.   Mr. Pyne reportedly offered to provide GetUp! with a list of undecided MPs to lobby to support Mr. Turnbull’s leadership of the Liberal Party. (16)

Christopher Pyne Rite-ON!

Craig Laundy

Craig Laundy, MP for Reid, meet with GetUp after the organization sent intimidatory envelopes with ‘substances’ inside, prompting a full-scale police response.

“NSW Liberal MP Craig Laundy has defended his engagement with activist group GetUp! saying it never helped him with a single campaign worker, dollar or how-to-vote card.   Mr. Laundy, who has come under scrutiny after GetUp! confirmed it “ran dead” in his Reid electorate, argued his dealings with the group involved making representations on behalf of ­asylum-seekers brought to his ­attention by GetUp! members.

Tim Wilson, MP for Goldstein and Trent Zimmermann, MP for North Sydney, are same-sex-marriage advocates and were co-conspirators of the 2017 plebiscite, who also worked with GetUp. We must ask; ‘Are these politicians confused and in the wrong party?”

As a result of this ‘flirtatious relationship’ GetUp has rewarded some liberal – politicians with political-protection

“ Mr Oosting confirmed that GetUp!, which has 65,000 paid-up members, had “run dead” in the electorates of several Liberal moderates last year: Christopher Pyne’s Adelaide seat of Sturt; Dunkley in Melbourne, where Chris Crewther took over from Bruce Billson; Mr Laundy’s Sydney electorate of Reid; the Victorian seats of Coranagmite, held by Sarah Henderson, and La Trobe, held by Jason Wood; ­Mackellar in Sydney’s north, where Jason Falinski replaced Bronwyn Bishop; Townsville-based Herbert, where Ewen Jones was running; and Lindsay in Sydney’s west, previously held by Fiona Scott”.

We conclude:

GetUp has a few connections on the political-right however their DNA is progressive- left, and their ‘mates’ predominantly include The Labor Party, The Greens, and the Australian Trade Unions.

  • GetUp cannot hide from its socialist-left connections!
  • Supporters who oppose a Socialist Australia should reconsider their affiliations
  • The ban on foreign donations bill has passed, with political parties, candidates and campaigners (I.e. GetUp) banned from receiving overseas money






















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