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Sign up to Support Us – its Free

You can download the  Rite-ON! Supporter form  and post/fax this form if you prefer.

Donate to the War Chest

Get Up are well funded but we are pushing back but we need funds!  Any donation is very gratefully accepted.

Supporter Contributions
BSB: 064462
Account Number: 10363519
Bank: CBA

Our campaigns need to be well  marketed and our rallies need to have banners and branding everywhere.

Disclaimer: No foreign donations of $100 or more, can be accepted.

Volunteer for Activities

Our campaigns need to be marketed extensively, and our rallies  branded with authorized banners and logos. We need to mobilize. As we move closer to election time we will be looking for as many ‘boots on the ground’ as possible. Help needed may include;  calling constituents, working  on polling booths on election day, letter-boxing flyers in your area, supporting speakers, or attending rallies. We need to be creative and push back against the tide of group thought-control, and regressive policies. When you fill out your Supporter form, please indicate if you wish to volunteer, and indicate how you would like to help.

Support Campaigns

Campaigns will be being added on a regular basis.

Our campaigns are varied. Some call for donations, others ask you to write or contact your local Member of Parliament and others ask for you to sign a petition.

The more each and everyone of us reaches out to make a difference the greater the difference we will make.
Phone: 0403 934 440

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