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Conflicts within: Globalization in the time of Corona: Part 5

China infiltration into Australia

Series: Globalization in the time of Corona

DISCLAIMER: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would like their citizens and us to believe that the CCP and the Chinese people are the same entity. They are not.

We recognize that the ethnically Chinese people are diverse, and much like ourselves they individually wish for a peaceful and prosperous family life.

Where we use the word ‘China’ or “Chinese” we are generally speaking of the CCP driven totalitarian state, and not the ordinary hard-working Chinese people.

Part 5 – The conflicts within


5.0       Summary: The Australian-China relationship
5:1       The CCP’s ‘soft-warfare’ and the West’s weakness
5:2       Australia – a strategy-free nation
5:3       Foreign donations and political influence
5:4       The politicians and the powerful putting ‘China first’

5:0   Summary of Part 5

Parts 1,2 and 3 covered the dangers of Globalization in a time of global uncertainty.

Part 4 covered historical scientific research into the SARS virus, with evidence of a ‘laboratory manufactured’ virus with gain-of-function (highly infectious) capability.  The CCP continues to peddle their ‘Wuhan Wet Market’ propaganda, while other nations, including Australia call for an independent and transparent inquiry.  Since publishing Part 4, three weeks ago, more information has been revealed and published, that supports our ‘laboratory-derived-virus’ evidence, and that rejects the CCP’s & WHO propaganda.

Part 5 examines and questions the Australia – China relationship

The CCP’s aggressive dominance around the world has been boosted in part by the theft of Intellectual property, university access to files and codes normally not available to students  and the removal of sensitive research from western universities. (1)

The CCP has hacked computer systems around the globe (like the 2017 Australian National Census), stealing sensitive data. It has engaged in unfair trade wars with weaker nations, which until the election of President Trump, resulted in most nations bending to threats of trade retaliation. (2)

Many western nations have signed agreements with the Chinese Telco Huawei. On national security advice from the Home Affairs Department, we applaud our government’s refusal to contract Huawei for Australia’s 5G network.  However other western nations were not so circumspect and many have allowed Huawei access.  (3,4)

Many Western nations have been silent on the CCP’s building of military bases in international waters in the South China Sea.  When challenged in the International Court, the CCP refused to accept the ruling deeming their activities unlawful (not unusual for the CCP). Six coral atolls have been transformed into Chinese Military Bases allowing China to monitor the movement of 30% of the world’s shipping.    (5,6)

The CCP’s push into western nations is primarily based on money in exchange for political and economic influence. The West has “been unable to resist the temptation that easy money offers”. State Governments have balanced budgets with the help of Chinese funds.  Political parties have been lured and compromised by generous donations. In return China was given the ‘green light’ to buy up strategic Australian assets. “No equal reciprocal rights have been afforded to Australian companies, by China”. (7,8)      

The CCP’s COVID-19 pandemic, and the West’s demand for transparency and accountability, has angered the Communist regime and prompted threats of retaliation.   Why such a response from China?   What does the CCP have to fear from an independent inquiry?

Our research has uncovered an alarming ‘unequal relationship of domination traded for dollars’ and the expectation of significant political influence within Australian parliaments, universities & corporations to promote and further the CCP’s interests. 

Our conclusion:  The CCP has brazenly exploited the West’s weakness – and we only have ourselves to blame.  We can only change the current situation – if we change ourselves!  Let’s begin the journey! 

5:1 The CCP’s ‘soft-warfare – and the West’s weakness’

For several decades China has waged soft warfare against the West to influence government policy, ingratiate the CCP regime by using people in strategic positions to weaken the west’s resolve to oppose the CCP’s quest for ‘global domination’.

The West must take extreme caution and vigilant responsibility when engaging in Globalization and Free Trade Agreements with nations that have different business protocols, transparency levels, values and little or no human rights protections.  The temptation is for politicians and organisations to either naively or deliberately put personal gain & the interests of China ahead of our own national interest & security in these relationships.

The outcome is an emboldened China (CCP), who, while trading on the international stage and wishing to become an international leader, refuses to recognize International Law nor accept global responsibility & accountability. The COVID-19 pandemic has vividly exposed the CCP withholding critical information, covering up, and peddling lies while originating and spreading a deadly pathogen on the world.

The CCP is well-practiced in the art of subterfuge and bullying to extend its global power and influence. Always winning and/or saving face, regardless of morality, fairness, and truth, is a trait of the CCP.  China has used strategic tools to infiltrate, influence, weaken, compromise and control greedy, naive, lazy or desperate individuals, governments & organisations in other countries to further CCP’s goals of global power & dominance.

So, what are some of the strategic tools used by the Chinese Communist Party in Australia to achieve this:-

  • Governments have been seduced by Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Often called a Chinese Marshall Plan, BRI is a state-backed campaign for global dominance, a stimulus package for a slowing economy, and a massive marketing campaign for Chinese investment around the world.  The seduction is billions of dollars of infrastructure investment, but many countries are learning that it comes with a sting in the tail.  Victoria has entered into a BRI agreement with Beijing with unknown detail and risks, despite federal government advice to the contrary. Details will be in our part 9 of this series.
  • Businesses have been lured & motivated by profit into exporting Australian jobs by moving manufacturing offshore, including essential manufacturing. This leaves Australia with vulnerable and tenuous essential supply chains in the hands of China during a crisis, like COVID-19.
  • Politicians have been coerced, lured & possibly compromised in unequal Globalization relationships with China. For example, Australia’s free trade agreement with China is unfair to Australia simply on the basis of China’s exclusions in the Paris Agreement on climate change protocols until 2030.
  • Politicians have also allowed vital infrastructure in Australia to be controlled & majority owned by China (e.g. agriculture, ports, & energy) against our national security interests, and despite China flaunting Australian laws.
  • Councils have engaged Sister Cities in China on a pretence of people-to people cultural exchange & diversity relationships. The reality can be more sinister than just relationship agreements and ratepayer funded travel ‘junkets’ though.  During the COVID-19 crisis we have evidence of the Chinese Communist Party using these sister city relationships to seek and procure our vital medical supplies.  Detail on this will be in our part 6 of this series.
  • Universities have embedded Confucius Institutes, and promoted communist ideals/propaganda on campus and funded research that has been taken back to China. Details of this will be in our part 7 of this series.
  • Academics have accepted 1,000 Talents membership in return for critical research and confidential military information. Details of this will be in our part 8 of this series.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed Australia, but offers a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to re-view and re-set global relationships, and to re-establish and re-assert our national interest over that of foreign interests, while still maintaining and establishing mutually beneficial trade relationships (in this case, but not exclusively, with China and the CCP).

Australia should be open for business – but NOT for sale! 

5:2   Australia – an exposed “Strategy-free” nation

On this subject Senator Jim Molan says; “If Australia is to maintain its sovereignty in an even more demanding world, it must embrace widespread reform as it comes out of the COVID-19 crisis. It seems self-evident to most Australians that we need to be more self-reliant without trying to be completely self-sufficient. Self-reliance reflects how resilient as a nation we must be against internal or external shocks, which allows us to retain a higher degree of sovereignty. Self-reliance improves resilience, which itself improves sovereignty”

In particular:

  • The FIRB have made decisions WITHOUT an overall National Sovereignty Strategic Plan allowing critical infrastructure and essential services to be bought by foreign investors;
  • The two major political parties have accepted large Chinese donations – essentially establishing a ‘conflict of interest’ between this nation and China.

Senator Molan further states; “ We cannot tell if we are achieving or failing on the bigger issues if we remain a strategy-free nation. Given the uncertainty of the new era, we must increase our self-reliance, or we will lose our sovereignty”.

Well said Senator Molan and Rite-ON! agrees – It is imperative that a National Sovereignty Strategic Plan be developed as a matter of urgency, to address the post-pandemic world and protect Australian national interests and sovereignty. 

5:3 Foreign donations and political influence

We turn our attention to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) direct impact on our nation, and the donations to political parties and politicians seeking Chinese influence and favours.

The ‘blame’ should not be apportioned 100% to China. Australians need to share equal responsibility for having allowed this nation’s trade and foreign investment dependence to be so heavily concentrated towards one super-power – China.

BOTH major political parties (Labor and Liberal) have accepted large donations from Chinese (state directed) corporations and business people.   It would be naive NOT to imagine that with these donations came an expectation of ‘political influence’ and a conflict of interest between Australian domestic affairs and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

An ABC investigation of political donations in the two years leading up to the 2016 federal election reveals that Chinese are by far the largest foreign-linked donors to both major parties. Chinese-linked companies and individual donors poured more than $5.5 million into Liberal and Labor party coffers.  Analysts say “Chinese political donations are one way Beijing seeks to gain influence in Australia”. (9,10)

Australian politiciansFunds donated by Chinese businessmen and Chinese-owned business leaders, some with direct links to the Communist Party, donated a total of $3.994 million to the Labor Party between 2013-2014, and $2.119 million to the Liberal Party for the same period.   

Under mounting pressure and finally on 1 January 2019, legislation written by the Morrison Government banning overseas donations in electoral matters, passed into law.  We applaud this move!

But “China was furious when Australia enacted these foreign interference laws including a register of foreign lobbying activities, and locked Chinese Telco Huawei out of Australia’s broadband and 5G network upgrades”. said Dave Sharma Liberal MP for Wentworth.

It is astonishing, but not surprising, that until as recently as 1 January 2019, both Labor and Liberal accepted large donations of foreign money – mainly from China.

It remains to be seen if this law change will actually stop foreign donations and reduce foreign influence in the Australian political process as intended.  Rite-ON! remains skeptical because of the voluntary nature of disclosure requirements & insufficiency of avoidance enforcement.

Our conclusion: Accepting large foreign donations, in this case China, by Australian political parties is gambling with our nation’s security, in exchange for filling election coffers.  

And this has been the outcome:

Chinese ownership of Australia

With Foreign Investment Review Board (Government) approval, China had been taking major stakes in vital Australian infrastructure and services like energy, agriculture, port, health, and water. (11,12,13,14)

It’s taken a COVID-19 economic tsunami, and the threatened foreign raids on stressed Australian assets, for Australians to wake up and for the Government to act. 

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, on 29 March 2020, the Morrison Government announced that ALL proposed foreign investments into Australia regardless of value or nature (i.e. any investment above $0) will require approval under the Act. (15)

Rite-ON! says “not before time”. 

However, the foreign investments dollar threshold change is TEMPORARY and “will only remain in place for the duration of the coronavirus crisis”.

Screening & due diligence processes (criteria) will NOT change, nor have the powers of the FIRB been strengthened to deal with non-compliance to FIRB purchase approval conditions.  Meanwhile, Chinese owned Australian companies continue to thumb their noses at Australian laws and the FIRB.

A Senate committee on 15th May 2020 heard that:- Chinese-owned Alinta Energy has admitted it is still NOT fully compliant with conditions set in 2017 by the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) for its $4.1 billion takeover by Hong Kong-based Chow Tai Fook Enterprises…”. (16)

But let’s look at some history.  According to the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) “In August 2019, Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) chairman David Irvine visited Chinese-owned Hong Kong based Chow Tai Fook (CTF), a multibillion dollar conglomerate owned by one of Asia’s richest and most powerful families, the Cheng family.

Irvine’s interest in CTF was its connections and clout in the region, Henry Cheng Kar-shun being a member of the powerful political legislative advisory body in the People’s Republic of China, and its growing presence in Australia which involved FIRB.  CTF was given approval to buy Alinta Energy for $4 billion in April 2017 on the proviso it would satisfy a series of conditions.”

Despite not fully compliant with the 2017 FIRB conditions for the Alinta Energy approval, “A year later CTF was given approval to buy the $1 billion Loy Yang B, an electricity power generation plant in Victoria which generates almost one-fifth of Victoria’s power and then moved into the casino business buying a stake in Star Entertainment and  forming a joint-venture with Star to build a $3 billion Queen’s Wharf Casino project in Brisbane.(17)

The 2017 Alinta Energy conditions related to poor controls around cyber security and protection of personal information, due diligence questions that are raised by FIRB before it recommends a foreign takeover of critical infrastructure. Given the ongoing poor controls inside Alinta as admitted at the Senate hearing on 15th May 2020, it raises other serious questions about the quality and insufficiency of monitoring and enforcement by FIRB.

Rite-ON! questions how Chow Tai Fook can continue to flout Australian law while growing its empire in Australia!  What is wrong with our laws, agencies, boards & bureaucrats that allow this to continue? 

Our conclusion:- without permanent changes to FIRB approval criteria more tightly aligned to the national interest, and strengthened compliance powers, the FIRB will remain a ‘toothless rubber stamp’ and the SALE OF AUSTRALIA’S essential assets & services to foreign interests will continue unabated.

We must force our legislators to close the gaps – foreign interference & coercion in our political process, & foreigners violating our laws MUST be eliminated.

Liberal MP and former ambassador to Israel Dave Sharma understands, and says Australia must be prepared to wage “political warfare” to protect the nation’s sovereignty and ­develop offensive intelligence capabilities to destabilize foreign adversaries. He said that Australia faces a “sustain
ed political warfare threat”
through electoral interference, propaganda and the acquisition of key assets, and needs to adopt new tools to expose and ­exploit the vulnerabilities of its ­adversaries. (18)

5:4 The politicians and the powerful putting ‘China first’

We now focus attention on our politicians and the facilitation of the rise of the CCP’s influence in Australia’s political processes.

Australia must engage and trade with the world, however, while Australia sees China thru the prism of trade and economic growth, China views Australia thru the prism of politics and power. 

Australia views our Free Trade Agreement with China as mutually beneficial trade and the economy, but for China the agreement is also strongly about using trade as a means of gaining political influence, power and domination of our economy.  Professor Clive Hamilton names many more influential Australians who have assisted the CCP’s political and economic aspirations in his book ‘The Silent Invasion’. These are only a few of the prominent and well-known politicians and personalities featured in his book.

We leave you to draw your own conclusions!

China's Champions in Australia

  1. Ex – Labor Leader & Prime Minister (1991-96), Paul Keating

Critics say the hardest man in politics has now ‘gone soft’ on the Chinese government according to the Sydney Morning Herald, and he has become a mouthpiece for CCP propaganda, ignoring evidence of their human rights abuses.  During the May 2019 federal election he called for the sacking of our Security Agency chiefs because of their concern for the CCP’s threat to Australia’s national security. (19,20) 

  1. Ex-Labor Leader and Prime Minister (1983-91), Bob Hawke

Bob Hawke was the first PM to forge closer ties with China beginning thirty years ago. After the Tiananmen Square massacre he made an executive decision to allow Chinese students to stay in Australia. This resulted in 42,000 ‘economic’ Chinese migrants most of whom remained fiercely patriotic to their motherland. Hawke’s decision didn’t include any prior discussions about the political, social and financial ramifications. Hawke went on working as a lobbyist representing Chinese companies from his office in Shanghai. (21,22,23,24)

  1. Ex-Labor Senator Sam Dastyari

Alerts about Labor Senator Sam Dastyari, were raised in 2017 regarding links to Beijing when his  disclosure log showed a history of accepting Chinese money’.  Government critics stopped short of accusing Senator Dastyari of breaking any laws, but they are suggesting he had been influenced by payments from China.

Dastyari quit federal politics in 2017 after his position had become untenable due to his contact with a donor with links to China’s ruling communist regime. (25,26) 

  1. Liberal MP Gladys Lui

Ms. Lui refused to support Australia’s position on the South China Sea and conveniently ‘forgot’ her connections with the CCP when questioned. The PM Scott Morrison has supported Gladys Lui, however public opinion is very divided.  During a train-wreck interview on Sky News in 2019, Ms. Liu forgot her membership of China Overseas Guangdong Exchange Association, in Guangdong and Shandong. A week later she appeared to have had a ‘revelation’ and changed her story! (27,28,29)

  1. Former Liberal MP for Reid; Craig Laundy

The Liberal MP who quit politics after Malcolm Turnbull lost the leadership of the Liberal Party, rejects claims about being close to Yang Dongdong, who apparently worked as an adviser to the former MP.  But one of Laundy’s own casual staffers, Amanda Li told Fairfax Media that “Yang is a consultant and is quite close to him.  Laundy professes complete ignorance of the Chinese-born businessman’s back story, especially his ties to the Communist Party back in China”. Yang now promotes himself as one of the strongest supporters of the CCP in Australia (says his old anti-communist friend Chin Jin) (30,31)

  1. Ex-NSW Liberal Premier; Mike Baird

In 2016, while NSW Premier, Mike Baird organized for the Sydney Opera House to be lit in red in support of the Australian Council for the Promotion of the Peaceful Reunification of China. It was stated that Australia’s relationship was set to become even stronger over the coming years thanks to celebrations like this and Premier Baird’s highly productive annual visits (to China) as well as the historic Australia-China Free Trade Agreement. Mike Baird quit politics one year later in 2017. (32,33)

  1. Ex- Labor Premier of Victoria; John Brumby.

Extremely supportive of Hong Kong’s return to China, Brumby said in 2017, that the transfer 20 years prior had been a ‘resounding success, and there is “much to celebrate“. (Proven incorrect in 2019)

In Feb 2019 John Brumby resigned from the board of Chinese technology firm Huawei just three days after the US announced it would prosecute the company on a litany of charges including fraud and stealing trade secrets, insisting his decision to quit after eight years on Huawei’s board was “completely unrelated” to the current controversy surrounding the telecommunications company”!    (34,35)

  1. NSW State Labor MP Shaoquet Moselmane

This state MP became the mouthpiece for President Xi Jingping over the COVID-19 pandemic. After angering most Australians by ‘extolling President Xi’s unswerving leadership’.  Moselmane resigned as assistant president of the Legislative Council on the 7th April 2020 after coming under fire for repeatedly praising the CCP’s response to the coronavirus crisis. (36)

  1. Retired Liberal Trade Minister Andrew Robb

When Trade Minister, Andrew Robb signed the Free Trade Agreement with China in 2014 after 10 years of argument and debate about Australian jobs and national security concerns.  After resigning from government in 2016, he went on to accept a $880,000 pa salary with the CCP aligned company Landbridge, who he had assisted in obtaining a 99- year- lease of the Port of Darwin in October 2015.  Robb had to defend these decisions many times in following years, after an aggressive Chinese ‘buying-up-assets’ campaign. Interestingly, Robb quietly resigned his well-paid Chinese appointment before the “Foreign Interests Register” came into law, after facing the prospect of being named on the register!  (37,38,39,40)

  1. Retired Liberal ex- Education and Defence Minister, Christopher Pyne.

One of the more colourful characters in the Liberal Party, while he was the Defence Minister, failed to recognize that the rule of law in western nations was not accepted in China.  Pyne said “The government is committed to maintaining a long-term constructive relationship with China, founded on shared interests and mutual ­respect — China and Australia’s success will go hand in hand.”  While in office Pyne also pushed to sign closer military ties with China, but these did not meet basic national security standards! He has since retired from politics.  (41,42) 

  1. Retired ex-Labor Premier of NSW, Bob Carr. 

Referred to as ‘Beijing Bob’ by many because of his belief that Australia could establish closer trade ties with China, without compromising national security. This assumption was destroyed in 2013 when Xi Jingping came to power and made it clear that, for China at least, trade, investment and security came bolted together.  Bob Carr has been a consistent and outspoken critic of the Australian Government, while lauding the Chinese Communist Party and President Xi.  Bob Carr – friend or foe? (43,44) 

  1. NSW State Labor MP Mark Buttigieg

This state Labor MP tweeted, “China is our future”, before quickly deleting it, when he realized the maelstrom, he had entered. Buttigieg’s comment came amid rising diplomatic tensions between Australia and China after the PM called for an independent inquiry into the origins of the SARS CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus.  Buttigieg’s comments were naïve and ill-timed and showed subservience to the CCP’s bullying and threats of trade tariffs.  (45) 

  1. Ex- Labor Treasurer; Wayne Swan. 

In 2011 Wayne Swan visited China to help open a multi-billion-dollar convention and entertainment complex owned by Australia’s most prolific political donor, Chau Chak Wing. The China-based property developer and newspaper owner is an Australian citizen who has donated millions to both sides of politics and partially funded junkets to China for the Treasurer as well as Labor ministers Kevin Rudd, Stephen Smith and Tony Burke when they were in opposition! Fellow attendees included one of the CCP’s brightest political stars, the Communist Party secretary of Guangdong and Politiburo member Wang Yang.  (46)

  1. Federal Labor member for Hunter – Joel Fitzgibbon. 

Mr. Fitzgibbon has been close to Ms. Helen Liu – a generous donor to the Labor Party for many years.  Ms. Lui has close ties with a senior Chinese military intelligence operative.  One of Ms. Liu’s Australian companies sent $250,000 to a Hong Kong company that US authorities believe was a front for Chinese espionage, owned by Liu Chaoying, the daughter of the CCP’s most powerful 1990s military officer.  (47,48)

The Chinese Communist Party has “for years been cultivating important members of the political and business elite in Australia” in deliberate attempts to influence relations, according to Author Clive Hamilton.  (49)

Many Australian businesses have benefited from closer ties with China, however, some of these ‘benefits’ come with ‘strings attached’, and the expectation of support for the Chinese Communist Party.  Recently this was demonstrated by a couple of West Australian icons. 

  1. Former CEO Fortescue Metals- Andrew (Twiggy) Forrest

Fortescue Metals’ main export market for iron-ore is China and therefore a stable trade relationship is critically important to business. Interestingly, ex-CEO of Fortescue- Twiggy Forrest recently supported the CCP’s claims of ‘wet markets’ origins for the COVID-19 virus, and called for the PM’s push for an independent inquiry to be postponed to avoid the usual CCP threats of trade retaliation. He then made headlines gate-crashing the Health Minister’s (Greg Hunt) press conference by inviting a Chinese diplomat and former spy, to speak. Seemingly ignoring the huge economic cost of the pandemic, Twiggy Forrest says China is key to Australia’s recovery. (50,51,52) 

  1. Seven West News media mogul- Kerry Stokes

Seven West media head Kerry Stokes has also recently called for the PM to accept the CCP’s version of ‘wet-market’ virus origins and to “mend relations with China, warning that if Beijing’s anger is not quelled it could have catastrophic consequences for the economy”.

Professor Clive Hamilton said, “Twiggy Forrest and Kerry Stokes had both made their fortunes in dealing with China and Mr. Stokes was a personal friend of Chinese President Xi Jinping.”   Mr. Forrest and Mr. Stokes are the Chinese government’s “best friends in Australia”, and he called into question whether they should be listened to when it comes to diplomacy with China. (53,54,55)

Our conclusion:  If we as a nation are going to survive and thrive, it is incumbent on all Australians, especially politicians and influential people, to put this nation ahead of their own personal interests and the interests of foreign counties. 

Politicians who fail in their duty to act solely in Australia’s national interest, must be made to fail at the ballot box.

If we have not yet convinced you of the alarming threat to Australia’s sovereignty & national interest, and the extent of CCP infiltration, intimidation and influence in Australia, have a look at these ABC Four Corners videos:


So, what to do?

Rite-ON wants to alert all fellow Australians to the threat, and face reality by taking action now.

The CCP sees Australia as a soft target and ARE well on the way to achieving their political and economic goals. It is time for us to wake up to the threat to our security, sovereignty, and values.

Many of us thought the luck of the ‘Lucky Country’ would last forever. It has almost gone. From now on we must fight to take back our land, our industries, and our self-reliance. 

The CCP expects us to overlook:

  • The existence of Taiwan, possibly in preparation for an invasion.
  • That Tibet was invaded.
  • Tiananmen Square massacre, and other brutal suppressions of CCP critics.
  • The persecution of Falun Gong followers and Uighur Muslims, and other brutal human rights violations.
  • The CCP’s illegal occupation of the South China Sea.
  • That Chinese ownership of essential infrastructure and land endangers our security. 

How can YOU act & help?

Are your parliamentary representatives ignoring Australian values & sovereignty, in support & appeasement of the CCP?  If so, it is time to hold them to account – and/or expose them! 

  1. Write to your local MP and ask them to give examples of their support for Australia’s sovereignty in their dealings with China, so you can make an informed choice at the ballot box.
  2. Write an open letter to your Federal or State Member, via the local newspaper, asking for clarity on their position with regards putting ‘Australia’s sovereignty first’ when dealing with China.
  3. Education is key. Buy and read Clive Hamilton’s book ‘The Silent Invasion’.
  4. Share this article with your friends and associates.
  5. Invite your friends and associates to join Rite-ON! (for free) 

Stay tuned – Coming soon

The continuing story of ‘Australia and China’ relations.PART 6 Chinese Sister Cities in the Year of the Rat – fully exposed

 PART 7  Confucius (Institutes) Confusion in Universities – fully exposed 

PART 8 The 1,000 Talents- The CCP’s brains-trust – fully exposed 

PART 9 Belt and Road Initiative – the impact on nations and states 


10:0     Bullying and blackmail from China

10:1     Making China accountable – the ‘Nuremberg way’ 

References Part 5: 




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