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Bill Shorten The Unionist

Bill Shorten – the Unionist

The Early Days of Bill's life 1967 William Richard Shorten born in Melbourne.[1] His father, William Robert Shorten—born in Tyneside, England, was a sailor and grandson of union secretaries In Australia Shorten senior became a member of the infamous Painters and Dockers…

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Australia Day Video - Thanks Rite-ON!

2019 Australia Day It’s Here to Stay

Acknowledgement of Nation We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who have lived here since the Dreamtime. We acknowledge the explorers and pioneers and their descendants who planted the British flag and Christian values on this continent, creating…

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Hands Off Australia Day - Rite-ON!

Hands Off Australia Day

January 26th is just around the corner, when once again we will celebrate Australia Day and the birth of our modern nation. Australia is a wonderful melting-pot of different nationalities. In fact, Australia is recognized as the most successful multi-ethnic…

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