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Call To Arms

handing out how to vote cards

Rite-ON! is calling for YOUR assistance in the coming election. After 8 months of preparation, a list of 16 electorates has been chosen for action, and we need YOUR help to keep Labor out of office!


Electorates requiring volunteersThe Federal election timetable:

  • Nominations for candidates close on Tuesday 23 April.
  • Ballot draw for HTV candidate card order on Wednesday 24 April
  • Pre-polling commences on Monday 29 April. Booths open 8am to 6pm daily. (Around 40% of voters use pre-polls to avoid the election day rush)
  • Election is on Saturday 18 May. Booths open 8am to 6pm. Scrutineering commences 7pm.

Voting needs volunteers

The November 2018 Rite-ON survey of YOUR opinions showed the following top 5 issues that concerned you most:

1/        IMMIGRATION:  YOU are concerned about the number and make-up of Australia’s immigration. We are bringing in too many migrants, and some of those coming in do not integrate or have a work ethic. The current government has promised only a minor reduction in immigration of around 30,000 people.

2/        NATIONAL SECURITY: YOU believe the government’s first priority is the safety and security of Australian citizens. Increasing millions of taxpayer funds go to ASIO, The Federal Police, Security Forces, Local Police and community groups as threats increase.

3/        ECONOMY:  YOU believe Australia’s economy is central to maintaining a high standard of living. Labor will impose $387 billion in NEW taxes, to fund their social programs. Labor’s policies will put pressure on families and wage earners with incomes of $45k and more. Many self-funded retirees will be forced onto pensions.  Labors taxes will hurt us all and trash the economy.

4/        EDUCATION:   YOU believe the current falling educational standards are due to a lack of a basic skills curriculum and the rejection of Western Civilisation values. Cultural Marxist ideology and gender-confusion studies are producing poor results and creating confused, indoctrinated students. Our children are being taught what to think, not how to think.

5/        ENERGY & LIVING COSTS:  YOU believe energy costs are unsustainable for families, business and the nation. Increases have spiralled out of control due to a destructively rapid rush for renewables to address ‘climate change’. Whilst renewables should be part of our future energy mix, hurried closure of all coal-fired power stations to ‘fix global emissions’ will destroy industry, jobs, futures and our nation’s economy. Nothing Australia can do will change the world’s climate.

 From YOUR survey results and on historical data analysis Rite-ON! created strategies and actions for the federal election with the overall objective:

To work towards keeping Labor and Greens out of Government.

Keep Bill Shorten out of office


Rite-ON! has identified 16 electorates that need YOUR help.
If you live in, or next to the following list of electorates, we want to hear from you now. There are many ways to help – donate, share our social media campaigns, become a team leader, or help on the booths.

Electorates requiring volunteers

  1. Donate:

Rite-ON! thanks the many supporters who have already donated towards election campaign costs. We recognize that many of you have stretched budgets.   Our organisation has few overheads, with no leased office and no paid employees. Almost every cent donated will be used to fund the Rite-ON election campaign.  The most basic cost of mobilizing; signage, advertising, clothing and printed material per electorate is approx. $7,500. Donations large and small will be put to work straight away to buy the above.

Click here to donate

  1. Share Rite-ON! Social Media campaigns

If we each do something, we can collectively achieve a lot! We appreciate any contributions in effort online or action on the ground!  The Rite-ON! Social Media platforms are delivering up to date & valuable information, and you can help by sharing our Facebook posts to your friends and associates, from and twitter:
Please help get this information out to everyone you know! 

  1. Become a Booth Team Leader

A Booth Manual is available for Team Leaders to help them coordinate volunteer booth-workers and volunteers who will hand out our ‘how-to-vote cards.  Vests, caps and signage will be provided.  Team Leaders will play a key role. If you have some organizational skills, please contact us!

Click here to be a Team Leader, or email direct to

  1. Volunteer to hand out Rite-ON ‘how-to-vote’ cards:

After the big campaigns, the last chance to influence voters is at the polling booths. If we are going to stop Bill Shorten and Labor winning it will be by convincing electors to vote and preference effectively.  Your time on the booths may be part of a Conservative victory.

Click here to be a booth volunteer:

handing out how to vote cards 

 Will YOU help fight for the election of conservatives?

Rite-ON needs you




Rite On! Is committed to fighting for Australian conservative values so our children can grow up in a free and democratic society.If you would prefer to donate via a bank transfer, our details are: BSB: ​064462  Account Number: ​10363519

SPREAD THE WORDShare this page with your friends and family today.

Acknowledgement of NationWe acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who have lived here since the Dreamtime.We acknowledge the explorers and pioneers and their descendants who planted the British flag and Christian values on this continent, creating the Australian nation.We acknowledge the Federal Commonwealth of Australia, created by the nation, under the Crown, to guard the liberty of ALL our citizens.And we acknowledge those ‘New Australians’, who came here for a better future, and made this nation strong and prosperous.

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