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Bill Shorten: Loyalty to Greens or Unions?

Bill Shorten has lost his way

2007 Bill Shorten was elected to the House of Representatives for the electorate of Maribyrnong in Victoria, and was immediately promoted to the role of Parliamentary Secretary.[1]  

New Prime Minister Kevin Rudd ended the speculation that Shorten, with his high public profile within the Labor Party, might immediately be given a front-bench portfolio; saying he believed parliamentary experience was essential when designating front-bench portfolios. [1]

2007 Following the election the Australian Electoral Commission warned GetUp! that it was engaging in misleading and deceptive activity because it had a vote generator which, no matter what you put in and no matter what your policies were, always told you to vote Labor or Greens; it never came out to vote for the coalition. [2]  

2007 Rumours surfaced that Bill may be having an affair

2008 It was understood that Shorten  had separated from Ms Beale, his first wife, after he told her at an AFL game at the MCG that he didn’t “think” he wanted to be married anymore.[3]  

2008 September Shorten was one of only five MPs invited to attend the September ceremony where Quentin Bryce was sworn in as the 25th Governor-General of Australia. Chloe Bryce also attended the same event.

2008 September The Press announced Bill Shorten has left his wife in the previous month and was understood to be in a relationship with Chloe Bryce, the daughter of the new Governor-General, Quentin Bryce. [3]  

2008 Divorced his wife Debbie Beale.

2009  Shorten confirmed he was expecting a child with girlfriend Chloe Bryce, the daughter of the Governor-General, as both battled messy divorces with their previous partners.  [4]

Friends say Ms Beale (his wife) had observed that it was “interesting that Mr Shorten and Ms Bryce were expecting a baby, while both remained married to other people”.

2009 Shorten married Chloe Bryce, daughter of Quentin Bryce, who was the Governor-General of Australia at the time. [4]    


Bill Shorten pregnant wife wedding

2009 Sniping about Shorten from his AWU days was but the tip of an iceberg then and since. Criticism of Shorten also came not only from rank- and-file unionists but also from those high in the food-chain where some on his side of politics sledge him as a man on the make.

A union leader who helped Shorten in the past said: ”The boys used to call him Showbag Shorten … He’s got an ego and in politics that’s fine, but if there’s no loyalty [to those who helped him] then what? The ‘discard after use’ label applies to most of us.”[5]

2010 January Daughter Clementine Shorten was born.

2010 After the federal election, Shorten was elevated to the Cabinet and served as Assistant Treasurer and then as Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation, and Minister for Workplace Relations in the Gillard Government. [1]

2010 Following the 2010 federal election, there was speculation that Shorten might seek to oust Prime Minister Julia Gillard from her position within the year; he denied this, and was promoted to the Cabinet as Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation.

2010 In the first leadership challenge Shorten become one of the main factional leaders involved in the replacement of Kevin Rudd, as Prime Minister and Leader of the Labor Party, with Julia Gillard [6]

2011 Shorten one of the so-called faceless men, who engineered Julia Gillard’s leadership coup, was the biggest winner in her ministerial reshuffle, he was given the position of Minister for Workplace Relations. [7]

 2012 The Shortens issued a public appeal requesting the cessation of an unspecified smear campaign about their marriage; Shorten was quoted by The Australian saying “personal lives and families should be off limits”.[8]

 Shame he didn’t pay Barnaby Joyce the same courtesy

2012 Following the allegations of civil claims and sexual harassment against Peter Slipper who was then speaker of the Parliament, Shorten was interviewed by David Speers, and asked his opinion as to whether or not Peter Slipper should stand down. PM Julia Gillard was in Turkey and had made a statement regarding the issue. Shorten, however, had no idea what was said but kept repeating that he supports what she said,

Click to play video

Bill Shorten sounds like a fool

2012 #PieGate# become the joke of a Twitter storm.

Shorten was accused by store owner Annie Huang, of verbal abuse after she offered to microwave a pie, and swearing as he left the shop – a claim he later denied.

Ms Huang (a Labor supporter) told the Herald Sun she was disappointed with the way Mr Shorten acted over a $4.80 pie.

He later ate humble pie and apologised. [9] 


Ms Huang in the middle of Piegate with Bill Shorten



Bill Shorten and the Pie Shop Owner

2013 Shorten announced immediately before a June 2013 leadership ballot took place that he would switch sides and back Rudd against Gillard, and would resign from the Cabinet should she win.[10]

Rudd subsequently won the ballot and became Prime Minister for a second time, appointing Shorten as Minister for Education, with particular responsibility for implementing the Gonski school funding reforms.[28]

2013 He was Minister for Education for a short time, until the defeat of the Rudd Government later that year.


Bill Shorten switches support to Kevin Rudd


2013 Shorten successfully contested the party leadership election against Anthony Albanese,  the first such election that allowed a vote of party members as well as Members of Parliament. He was declared the winner in October.

His critics argued that the new leader had played a key role in much of Labor’s instability over the past few years. Shorten admitted  his party had been through difficult times.

2014 A 44 year old women alleged Mr Shorten raped her at a Labor youth conference in Portarlington in the winter of 1986, when she was just 16.

She accused Victoria Police of failing to investigate the allegations properly because of Bill Shorten’s position of power.

Authorities decided not to press charges against Mr Shorten because prosecutors felt that “there was no reasonable prospect of conviction”. [10]


2015 Shorten said that the voting age should be lowered to 16.[12]

In a speech to the New South Wales Young Labor conference in Sydney, he said: “If people aged 16 and 17 can drive, work, pay taxes, join the military and make their own choices about medical treatment, they should also be allowed to vote”.

He denied that lowering the voting age was merely an attempt to increase his own voting base, bringing in more younger people who typically have left-leaning views.

2014 February Labor was forced to rally around leader Bill Shorten as the former union bosses refused to back a royal commission into the union movement or the resurrection of the building industry watchdog, the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC). [13]

2015 Shorten appeared before the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption.

He suffered political damage because of revelations of a $43,000 donation from labour hire company Unibuilt to his 2007 political campaign, and  payments from other companies, to the Australian Workers Union during his time as Victorian and National Secretary.

 Bill Shorten AWU deals


The donation was only declared to the Australian Electoral Commission on Monday (July 6, 2015), eight years after the election and just days before the Royal Commission hearing.

Shorten survived because the commission failed to show he was aware of or condoned false invoices sent to companies or that enterprise agreements which he negotiated or signed off on materially disadvantaged workers. [14]

2016 Malcolm Turnbull ordered a review into the Safe Schools initiative after pressure from conservative backbenchers. [15]

Mr Shorten used a press conference to attack the Turnbull government’s decision to review the program, which was supposedly designed to reduce bullying of LGBTI students.

In an exchange of words over the program Shorten called Cory Bernardi a “homophobe”. Bernardi responded calling him a “fraud”.[16]

2016 Shorten committed  the party to oppose any effort to extend discrimination law exemptions to allow people who object to same-sex marriage,  to deny goods and services to same-sex couples.[17]

Shorten made the pledge at Guardian Australia’s marriage equality event ‘Why Knot’ in Sydney.

2016 Shorten again attended the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, at taxpayers’ expense, but this time sharing the joy with his wife and young daughter along with deputy leader Tanya Plibersek.

Bill Shorten at Gay Mardi Gras

2016 The SSM plebiscite was finalised in November and the YES vote won.

2016 Federal election saw Labor gain 14 seats.

The Liberal/National Coalition, however, retained majority government by one seat.

Bill ShortenShorten in Parliament in 2016

2016 August The beginning of the dual citizenship saga started to unfold in Parliament with the first victim Family First Senator Bob Day declared invalid due to indirect pecuniary interests. [18]

2017 August Despite immense pressure Shorten insisted repeatedly that Labor had strict vetting pro­cesses and there was “no cloud over any of our people” being dual-citizens under Section 44 of the Constitution.

2017 September Shorten produced a letter re his own citizenship.


Bill Shorten Citizenship

2017 December Labor’s vaunted citizenship vetting process was again under attack as Bill Shorten resisted moves to refer senior frontbencher Katy Gallagher and others to the High Court, despite her admission to contesting the 2016 federal election as a dual British citizen. Gallagher was a British citizen until two months AFTER nomin­ations closed for the 2016 election.[19]

Ultimately, he would again have “egg on his face” as the guilty parties were forced from parliament, and by-elections were held; at great expense to tax payers.

To this day a cloud still hangs over some politicians in the Labor party

Bill Shorten and his Union connections

‘You can take Bill Shorten out of the Union, but you can NEVER take the Union and its connections out of Bill Shorten’   

The current Labor party is far removed from the original Labor grassroots of protecting the workers.

Bill Shorten does protect workers any more 


Bill Shorten the politician is:

Union bred, union-led and union-fed

Leader of the political party of the unions.

No longer working for the ‘workers’











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