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Rite-ON! is an emerging, grassroots, community-based group of political activists. You, as supporters of Rite-ON!, will influence political outcomes through debate, issue-based campaigns, petitions, lobbying, and activism. There is something that everyone can do, to make positive changes.

The Unions, Greens, Labor, and GetUp have built a well-funded and formidable movement of activists, all working and conspiring to win government. Their combined efforts are eroding our way of life and freedoms. We believe, to achieve political success and balance, we need to apply the same fundamental ‘coordinated activism’ to promote our values, principles and policies!
Our grassroots group of political activists work to support democracy, Western values, freedoms and equal opportunity – not political parties.

Rite-ON! Constitution Objectives:

  • To conduct issue-based campaigns to advance public policy that supports Australia’s enduring values and principles;
  • To build a community of Australians committed to strengthening the rightful functions of government to guarantee individual freedom, property rights,
    internal order, a strong national defense, and the administration of justice;
  • To provide new and innovative ways for Australians to participate in the political life of the nation.

Rite-ON! supports common sense, responsible economic management, ethical government, social empathy, values of Western civilization, national security, sustainable population growth, and scientific management of the environment. Australia can be a nation of prosperity, innovation and improvement if we all work together to support the working man, families, and businesses, to deliver a fair-go and opportunity for all. Australian history is not a series of unresolved grievances but must remain a continuing celebration of a successful nation.

A political activist group must have a core set of principles and stand for the values of its supporters

Some of the issues Rite-ON! stands for:

  • A national identity which is uniquely Australian;
  • Rights for the majority, against over-weighted influence of minorities
  • Equal opportunity for everyone in education, employment, business
    and community;
  • Economic stability, jobs growth, smaller government, lower taxes;
  • Protection of natural assets and preservation of the environment;
  • Support of primary producers thru sustainable vegetation management;
  • Respect for the property rights of individuals;
  • Ending foreign ownership of critical national assets;
  • Delivery of affordable & reliable energy with scientifically justified renewables;
  • Control of our borders and ongoing national security;
  • A strong and effective Defence Force;
  • Carefully vetted humanitarian refugee intakes;
  • Transparency of government expenditure;
  • University funding dependent on their level of intellectual freedom;
  • Teaching Australian History as part of the grand narrative of western civilization;
  • Funding of ABC dependent on compliance with their corporate charter;
  • Respect of the Constitution as Australia’s highest legal authority.

Democracy benefits us all.

If YOU share these values and goals, become a Rite-ON! supporter

Our Constitution dictates Australians are the sovereigns of this nation. It is our responsibility to elect leaders who will deliver good governance. The primary purpose of Rite-ON! is to encourage all Australians to become actively engaged in the political, social, economic, and environmental future of their nation.

  • The primary role of government is to ensure the safety and security of its citizens. Strong national security, and secure borders are imperatives.
  • A well-organized government ensures the nation has enough food, water, energy and fuel, to see us through times of conflict and natural disaster.
  • A responsible government uses rigorous scientific evidence in the management of the natural environment, to ensure the nation’s health and well-being.
  • Elected leaders must represent the will of their constituents, and the social and economic interests of their communities. A strong economy allows us to be compassionate to those less fortunate.

The freedoms and values of a Western  Democracy will build a better future.
Our vision is a fairer and brighter Australia

Authorised by R.Hutchin RiteON Pty Ltd,  Caloundra.
Phone: 0403 934 440

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