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2020 the Year of the Unexpected & the Unpredictable

RiteON reflects on 2020

As is customary at this time of year, we look back over the past 12 months.
What happened in 2020 was extraordinary in so many ways!

Who could have imagined that –

…..early in 2020, the CCP would unleash a highly infectious virus onto the world, out of Wuhan China, crashing western economies and killing millions. President XI has shown a ‘hyper-sensitivity’ over any inquiry into COVID-19 – which suggests culpability. Since Australia called for this inquiry China has ‘punished’ Australia. Was COVID-19 really a horrible accident? Even if it was, it was deliberately spread around the world by the CCP.

…..the Coalition Government would close the nation’s borders and businesses and open the floodgates of the treasury? We applaud the efforts of the Government in providing Job Seeker and Job Keeper – but our nation must swiftly move away from this economic largesse. No economy means no nation. A massive rebuild is underway, and it will be the most affected private sector that will be called upon to ‘reboot’ the economy!  

…..our Federation would prove to be ineffective in protecting people’s Constitutional rights of freedom of movement? States and territories closed their borders to residents- but opened them to international celebrities and out-of-state footballers. The PM said; “We are all in this together,” but 2020 will be remembered as the year when “we all became more separate”. 

…..Queensland would re-elect another Labor Government that had delivered the highest unemployment rate in the nation? Keeping Queenslanders safe was the Premier’s only message. Enough Queenslanders thought nothing was more important – and debt, corruption, incompetence, mining jobs, dams, BRI deals with China, Wuhan coders working for the ECQ – weren’t recognized as problems. Queenslanders now have 4 years to live with this election outcome, as Labor hopefully have their ‘dirty deals, dodgy budgets and China-ties’ exposed.

…..China would attack Australia’s economy through tariffs and trade embargoes – in breach of the Free Trade Agreement.  To add insult to economic injury, China would then attack our moral fibre through a list of ’14 perceived grievances’ and incendiary tweets on social media. The PM rightly demanded an apology, but since when did a mammoth apologize to a mouse?

…..the US election would become a ‘swamp of election fraud’, plunging US democracy into crisis? While thousands of affidavits, video, and electronic data proving fraud were presented as evidence in court – they, along with the media, big-tech, big-corporations and other Biden stakeholders maintained a ‘nothing to see here’ position. US polling results showed that over 80% of Republicans and 40% of Democrats believe the US election was rigged. What happens in America DOES affect Australia – and if Joe Biden is finally elected US President – it will be a negative for us. Until the inauguration in January 2021, Donald J Trump remains US President.
Most people are looking forward to the end of 2020 which has seen global disruptions through China’s desire for worldwide control, and the removal of nations’ sovereignty and basic freedoms under the ‘Cover of COVID’ and a possible ‘Great Reset’

Many are looking forward with hope to a year when facts, fairness, reasoning, rationality, common sense, courtesy, and honesty are restored!

In 2020, we have proven that “the price of freedom is indeed – eternal vigilance”

What will 2021 bring? 

In 2021, will  

…..we see our Government/s change the voting system to reduce electoral fraud? i.e. Voter ID to register and vote, an electronic electoral roll to stop multiple voting and cheating, and ‘Optional Preferential Voting’ to stop forcing voters to number every box on the ballot paper. All these changes giving voters more choice – COULD happen in 2021! YOU can help by contacting your local state and federal MPs supporting these changes. Read more here 

…..the Federal Parliament rule against the big tech giants of Google and Facebook?
While ‘late off the starter blocks’ to curb their monopoly and address their uncompetitive and discriminatory practices, the Government needs to act and move decisively. Whenever do billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg believe the law of the land in which they do business and make billions, applies to them? The Government must force their hand. You can help by writing letters of support to your federal member. More on this topic

…..our children be given a REAL education to equip them for a job and return educational results reflective of a first-world nation?  Despite taxpayer billions and increased funding year-on-year, our education outcomes have fallen to the same levels of third-world nations. Taxpayers deserve a return on investment and our school children deserve an education – not an indoctrination! Curriculum changes focused on English, mathematics, science, and geography need to be the starting point.  You have can assist by writing and requesting these changes from your state Minister for Education. Read more

…..the Federal Parliament finally address the Moratorium on Nuclear Energy and give our nation access to ‘zero-emissions, baseload, affordable and dispatchable’ nuclear energy? Stop the $2billion annual subsidies to environmentally destructive, unreliable, made-in-China wind turbines and solar panels. We ask the PM to commence the conversation immediately – and show true leadership on this form of safe and reliable renewable energy. Paris can wait – Australia cannot! Please contact Minister for Energy and Emissions Reductions- Angus Taylor, supporting nuclear energy. Read more

…..the Prime Minister and Cabinet continue to hold Australian values and freedoms sacrosanct against a rising China? STOPPING the sale of properties and businesses to Chinese nationals and CCP linked organizations, APPLYING similar tariffs to Chinese imports as China has to Australian exports, REMOVING Confucius Institutes from Australian education campuses, and thoroughly SCREENING ALL STAFF within ‘sensitive’ government agencies under the new Foreign Relations Bill – would be a good start for 2021!  Please support the Federal Government’s actions by posting on your social media pages.


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Acknowledgement of Nation

We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who have lived here since the Dreamtime.
We acknowledge the explorers and pioneers and their descendants who planted the British flag and Christian values on this continent, creating the Australian nation.
We acknowledge the Federal Commonwealth of Australia, created by the nation, under the Crown, to guard the liberty of ALL our citizens and
we acknowledge those ‘New Australians’, who came here for a better future, and made this nation strong and prosperous.

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