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How to Vote in the 2020 Queensland State Election

How to Vote

Our priority – LABOR and GREENS have GOTTA GO!

In the 2020 Queensland State Election, YOUR vote will decide whether YOU will return an economically incompetent, hypocritical, and shamefully heartless Government for another term in power. Over the past 11 weeks, Rite-ON! has run a series of articles highlighting critical reasons why LABOR has  GOTTA GO. Review their;  Close links to China, Environmental Hypocrisy, Heartless and Discriminatory Borders, Scandal-plagued with CCC investigations, Appalling Economic Incompetence.

PREFERENCES won the last State Election, and they will again in 2020. In the 2017 election, only 12 seats were won on Primary Votes alone.   In fact, 87% of ALL SEATS were decided on PREFERENCES!

Rite-ON! has considered how preferences flow and how the political parties have chosen to preference. If you want a change of Government in Queensland, it is critical that you PUT LABOR AND THE GREENS LAST. We have constructed How to Vote cards for every Queensland electorate.

Click on your electorate name to see the Rite-ON! recommendation

1. Choose your #1 preference or favourite party, from the recommended list on the RHS of the card
2. Complete the full card, numbering every box

Every Rite-ON! card has LABOR and the GREENS last. Following the Rite-ON! card will ensure your preferences do not help re-elect Labor!

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